A Free Thinker Is Satans Slave

A Freethinker Is Satans Slave


#1 EggBert on 08.24.08 at 7:41 pm

With the exception of Uncle Rusty, my entire family agrees with this well-put, inspirational, Biblically-based proverb on the sign in front of that church. And because my Uncle Rusty doesn’t agree, my Aunt Bertha says he will pick cotton for Satan in Hades with gays, Union workers, atheisthetics, liberals, and colored folks unless he accepts and follows the Biblical laws and pathways of Christian people like our beloved President G. W. Bush, Pastor Steve, Condi Rice, Jason Folkerts, Laura Bush, Pat Powers, Dick Cheney, Dr. and Mrs. Unrugggh, John McCane, Mayoress De, Karl Rove, former city planner, Steve Metli, and so on and so forth. Deservedly, each of them have special golden keys to open the gates and doors of the nicest sleeping rooms and lofts in Heaven.


EggBert T.

#2 EggBert on 08.24.08 at 7:55 pm

By the way, I think we proud non Free-Thinkers should go out some time for a beer or two and celebrate our non-thinking ways. And if so, I am NOT invitin’ Uncle Rusty. May he become rotten in Heck with his anti-patriotic stinking, sinking, and free-thinking lifestyle. Baaaaaaaaaaahhh Humbug!


EggBert T.

#3 Angry Guy on 08.24.08 at 9:56 pm

I concur.
In fact, in preparation of our celebration I’ve been drinking for 3 days straight to build up my tolerance. But by now I think we all know I’m not actually capable of tolerance in any other form.

#4 l3wis on 08.25.08 at 5:52 am

I thought Republicans were only capable of intolerance?

BTW, Dude, check your email about an important meeting . . .

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