FolkArts is back!?

Just when I thought the Gargoyle Leader could not have more then one blunder in a day (endorsing McCain) – I turned to page two of the VOICES section of the dead tree version and saw they brought back FolkArts. (I like how he changed his signature to initials now-man, you tricked us).

But I’m not gonna rag on Jason – good for him – get it while the gettin’ is good.

Does the AL ever learn? Do they think if they hide something for a few months, the problem will just go away? Apparently they do. Jason has been caught copying other cartoonists ideas in your newspaper – why would you hire him again? It’s like borrowing money twice to a friend who never pays you back.

By hiring him all you are telling your readers is that you don’t have a problem with his actions. Which scares the crap out of me. I have often scoffed at the AL’s opinions, but now it seems I have to start questioning if they really are their opinions and ideas.

Pretty lame.


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