Noem complains about wasteful spending while asking for donations

Here is just a sampling;

Dear Friend,

I wanted to take a few minutes here at the airport to write you a quick note before I head back to Washington, DC for votes this week.  It has been a while since I have updated you on the work we are doing to cut wasteful spending and rein in the excessive growth in government.  We still have a lot of heavy lifting ahead of us, but due in large part to the new faces, new energy and new backbone in the U.S. House of Representatives, we have fundamentally changed the debate in Washington, DC from “how much more can we spend?” to “how much more can we cut?”  That is a huge win for families, small businesses, farmers and ranchers who are trying to make ends meet and who have grown tired of Washington’s spendthrift ways.

The comments are even funnier. I love the Republican sheep that stick behind her. Donate away fools.


#1 Helga on 03.29.11 at 1:37 pm

I have to laugh when she says stop trying to “distort my voting record.” What voting record? She has barely been there. Take a look at their schedule, they have more days off then they work. If she wants to cut the budget I suggest she doesn’t get paid for the days she doesn’t work. The rest of us work every day and at least 5 days a week, she should give that a try.

#2 Scott on 03.29.11 at 1:54 pm

I received a call last week inviting me to join in her stupid town hall phone meeting. I passed.

#3 l3wis on 03.29.11 at 1:55 pm

I would have joined it. I love to ask her all sorts of questions.

#4 Scott on 03.29.11 at 2:22 pm

True, but I believe they have these set up for thousands of people to listen. I can only imagine how awful that would have been, and how unlikely I would have got a question in.

#5 rufusx on 03.29.11 at 4:12 pm

So…. Now that bthe Repubs are back in charge of the house, we’re reverting back to the 2 days off for every day of work from the Bush era – eh?

#6 Helga on 03.29.11 at 4:38 pm

Yup that’s the ticket. Boehner and Cantor sat down over a cold one and decided how many days Boehner needed for golfing and fund raisers and how many days Cantor needed for flogging his BS and they came up with the schedule. Probably Snooki didn’t come into the conversation. Well, except if they needed a get away car driver.

#7 l3wis on 03.29.11 at 4:45 pm

I’m surprised she doesn’t walk up in the pilot’s cabin and ask them to fly home faster.

#8 concern liberal on 03.29.11 at 6:02 pm

I listen to her town hall meeting. All the callers were
either pro Noem or even more conservative than her. It
had the efficacy of a “political infomercial” at best.

Many of the callers were extremely naive, narrow minded, and absolutely pathetic. It gave me a new respect for Democrats like McGovern, Daschle, and Herseth and how they were able to ever finesse any election victories admist these vocal clowns we have living in South Dakota.

#9 John2 on 03.29.11 at 6:12 pm

Oh please cut that wasteful spending: Lewis & Clark water project, ag subsidies, ethanol subsidies, Ellsworth AFB, predator control, dikes in floodplains, wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, etc., etc.

#10 mike on 03.29.11 at 8:11 pm

These phone town halls are little more than Noem avoiding personal meetings with constituents. She knows that the TP is going to be pissed if she doesn’t cut spending and she’s going to get an earful if she keeps playing the middle.

#11 l3wis on 03.30.11 at 12:52 am

She’ll find a way to dance around it. Thune does all the time. This is a guy who has two daughters and a wife, votes against rape protections for American contractors and gets ZERO heat about it. Amazing.

#12 Poly43 on 03.30.11 at 4:23 am

I received a call last week inviting me to join in her stupid town hall phone meeting. I passed.

I suspect all invited to be involved in these political discussions are carefully culled to show the politician in the best light possible. How do you suppose you managed slip past her handlers?

I listen to her town hall meeting. All the callers were
either pro Noem or even more conservative than her. It
had the efficacy of a “political infomercial” at best.

What site streams her meetings?

#13 Scott on 03.30.11 at 6:37 am

Poly, I was shocked I received the call. Somebody clearly screwed up.

#14 rufusx on 03.30.11 at 9:30 am

I got one of those calls too. They seem to have just targeted a random sample of registered voters.

#15 John2 on 03.30.11 at 6:08 pm

Noem complains about wasteful spending while she’s #3 on the list of US congress critters scarfing down wasteful ag subsidies – and that’s without including the subsidies wasted on the rest of her loafer family. Check out Cory’s story at Madville Times.

#16 l3wis on 03.30.11 at 9:02 pm

John2 – Nice catch.

#17 concern liberal on 03.30.11 at 9:52 pm

They ask what your question is before they guarantee you will be allowed to ask a townhall question … for future reference, just lie about your question.

#18 Randall on 04.01.11 at 11:10 am

When you take a good hard look at the EWG database it kind of makes you sick.

Kristi wants to take the food stamps away from indigent folks while at the same time pocketing millions of rich folks’ welfare.

Vote Republican – so we can get back to being a feudal society.

#19 l3wis on 04.03.11 at 11:18 pm

I wish Republicans would just pull the bandaid off already and defund public education all together in SD, instead of just starving it.

I mean, if you really want to be a gigantic prick, stick it in, balls deep and stop teasing.

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