The SOS’s office looses again in court

Looks like Gant tried to pull another partisan hat trick, I wonder how much he is costing us in legal fees?

Judge: Democratic candidate can be on ballot

Posted: May 25, 2012 11:12 AM CDT Updated: May 25, 2012 11:12 AM CDT

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) – A judge says a university professor from Mitchell can be placed on the November ballot as a candidate for the South Dakota House.

The state’s chief election officer, Secretary of State Jason Gant, had rejected the nominating petition filed by David Mitchell because Mitchell did not list his political party on one line of the document. But Circuit Judge Mark Barnett says Mitchell substantially complied with requirements because other lines on the document clearly show he is running as a Democrat.

Gant also had argued that Mitchell’s nominating petition was invalid because Mitchell notarized the document himself. But Gant dropped that argument during a court hearing in Pierre on Friday after evidence submitted by Mitchell indicated at least one other legislative candidate might have notarized his own nominating petition.



#1 Testor15 on 05.26.12 at 4:41 pm

There is some justice left in South Dakota. The Gant / Powers shenanigans of the SOS office has come to light it has been fun and scary to see what they will do next. The ALEC controlled SOS officeholder will pull many more things out of his bag of tricks to make sure the ‘right’ people & issues win in June and November. I trust no one in control of our current electoral system. It is the first time in my life where I have real concerns about the validity of the counters / tabulators in South Dakota and the nation.
I posted this on Madville and think it is appropriate here. Since Jeff Barth’s ad was published the same response keeps popping up “This guy sounds like a Tea Party patriot yet he bashes them. I don’t get it?” It is real simple, everyone in the 99% is p**sed-off with the way the system is working. There actually is very little difference between most issues Americans are seeing, only the remedies.
Conservatives, libertarians, GOP’s and TeaBaggers are dreaming of something they think they may have seen in a mythical time in the past. To solve problems we have to go to the fantasy in their minds to dream up answers to take us into the future. Kind of like pulling the Keynesian Reagan out of the grave and pretending he would do the destructive things the TeaBaggers are trying to accomplish.
The Blue-Dog, DLC-Clintonian, Corporatist, worn-out Pelosi liberals and average Washington Democrats think they know how to win elections by copying the actions of the aforementioned conservatives.
Not an original thought or plan in the either group. They all hire the same greedy consultants and media types who get a percentage of the bloated ad buys just to say the same tired things.
The establishment is missing the point of the original Occupy AND original Tea Party movements, the system is broken leaving us without Social Security, Medicare, Jobs, Housing, Roads, Bridges and other parts of the dreams of our forefathers. Fancy canned speeches and glossy candidates will not fix what is wrong.
When person with a bit of authenticity shows up and dares to do something out of the box, it excites the people and scares the establishment. Daschle Dems and Thune – Janklow – Noem GOP establishments do not want authenticity, officeholders who actually know the direction they are headed.
So what if an ad is recreated using an amazing concept. Before Barth showed us this approach, how many people had spent enough time on YouTube to see the Johnnie Walker version? Who cares, the point he is making has resonated now with over 90,000 viewers.
Just think about this as you once again view the ad, there was 97,000 total voters in the 2010 SDak Presidential Primary Election for Clinton AND Obama. If someone like Barth can connect with 100,000+ people during a 24 hour period, 12 days before the election. How scared do you think the establishment could become?

Thank You Judge Barnett for the victories you have given the system.

#2 l3wis on 05.26.12 at 11:39 pm

Yeah! What he said!

I just think it is sad/funny how blantantly partisan Gant is. He didn’t write ‘Democrat’ on ONE of the petitions! Give me a break. I understand rules, but sometimes ‘close enough’ is ‘good enough’. Here’s a rule Jason and Pat should follow, you shouldn’t eat at BK everyday, all that fat traveling through your bodies causes you to have crazy thoughts. Why do you think I say such crazy shit on this site?

My question is, who would win a ‘down hill’ race between Barth, Gant & Pity Pat?

#3 Bob Newland on 05.27.12 at 11:43 am

Jason Glans and PuPu the Blogger are despicable blobs of fat, but it does seem odd that the petitions of two candidates were approved after the candidates notarized their own petitions.

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