Sometimes council meetings are fun to watch

When the meeting first started,  four curious boyscouts (who I am sure were there to earn a badge or something) were sitting directly behind the podium. They seemed very bored at first, then they decided to entertain themselves. (FF: 1:14). It is quite amusing. They weren’t being ‘naughty’ so that is not the reason I am posting this, but I am sure they would have loved to be someplace else. What makes it funny is the city attorney is making a serious presentation about the ethics board during their hand gestures.


#1 Justin on 07.20.12 at 1:33 pm

So is Whisk and Chop going to be Applebee’s again? What happened there I thought somebody else bought it.

#2 l3wis on 07.20.12 at 1:41 pm

Nope. That was cleared up at Tuesday’s council meeting. The liquor license is getting moved around, kinda in limbo.

#3 l3wis on 07.20.12 at 1:42 pm

speaking of boyscouts;

#4 Craig on 07.20.12 at 1:46 pm

Whisk and Chop will soon be another Chinese food place that has a questionable relatonship with the Orkin man.

#5 Justin on 07.20.12 at 2:11 pm

…and the best place to illegally park downtown.

I guess they won’t be serving Dragon Bowls.

#6 l3wis on 07.20.12 at 7:03 pm

It’s probably a pretty popular parking spot now. Probably more people parking there then when the place was open 🙂

#7 Dukembe on 07.21.12 at 3:29 am

That city council meeting is like watching Mystery Science Theater, only without the benefit of audible dialogue from the guy and his robots. With no disrespect to the folks earnestly doing their work at the meeting, or the justifiably-bored-to-tears scouts, really funny stuff.

#8 Detroit Lewis on 07.21.12 at 2:27 pm

Duk – Now I have to waste the next 45 minutes laffing my balls off to Mystery Science Theater.

#9 Detroit Lewis on 07.21.12 at 8:16 pm

balls, officially fallen off.

#10 Muqhtar on 07.22.12 at 9:29 am

A City Council meeting anywhere is hard to follow unless you either truly understand civic government (either by education or experience) or are there for a specific issue. The meeting is open but that doesn’t automatically mean it’s easy to digest or a lot of fun. I remember doing the same thing back in Boy Scouts. While the City Council went out of their way to welcome us I can see how it would get real boring or difficult for teenagers.

#11 Detroit Lewis on 07.22.12 at 9:42 am

The irony of the situation was David Fiddle-Faddle being the speaker. It reminded of when he was speaking at the Open Meetings Commission meeting and these elderly gentlemen behind him were giggling and mocking him.

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