Finally, a nice day!

To bad the kiddies had to go back to school 🙂


#1 Scott on 08.20.12 at 1:36 pm

After a full month of 90 degree weather (even at night), I’ve enjoyed the rain, cool days and chilly nights.

#2 Detroit Lewis on 08.20.12 at 1:54 pm

Nothing like having to put on a hoodie while drinking my morning soda on the patio.

#3 Scott on 08.20.12 at 2:40 pm

With the new carpet, paint, furniture, etc., I’m spending a lot more time on the patio for my handful of smokes per day.

#4 Detroit Lewis on 08.20.12 at 2:45 pm

We need to podcast it soon!

#5 Scott on 08.20.12 at 4:22 pm


I’ve actually moved my studio into the bedroom, but for our show will obviously bring it out into the kitchen.

#6 Pathloss on 08.21.12 at 9:54 am

Good news & weather. Huether must be vacationing with his money in the Caymans.

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