Sam got praise from me August 1, for lowering garbage rates. Sam is the recipient of my first ever Patriot of the week for putting his fist down on property tax increases;

Rapid City Mayor Sam Kooiker has vetoed the city council’s decision to raise city property taxes next year.

The city council voted 6-4 earlier in the week to increase property taxes by the rate of inflation, an adjustment done to offset rising costs.

Kooiker says the property tax is not needed. The mayor says city sales tax collections are rising more than had been expected and eight tax increment financing districts are expiring.

The inflationary increase in the property tax would bring in an extra $402,000 in revenue to the city.

Sam has it right. If a tax increase is not needed why do it? Every year I see the SF city council and recently the Minnehaha County Commission make this same stupid decision while the mayor sits and brags about the great economic shape we are in. Municipal government’s job is to provide services to citizens from the taxes they pay. Not entertainment or more prosecutions (spending money on crime prevention makes more sense, and saves tax payers $$$).



6 Thoughts on “RC Mayor Sam Kooiker is South DaCola’s Patriot of the week

  1. Read the RCJ story on it, most of the comments are positive.

    Common sense is right.

  2. Pathloss on August 25, 2012 at 12:05 pm said:

    Rapid City is democracy. Sioux Falls is not. If Huether raises taxes we’ll have higher taxes.

  3. “If Huether raises taxes we’ll have higher taxes.”


  4. LOL!

  5. Does Sioux Falls need a Sam Kooiker?

    180 million dollars + — SF Events Center

    36 million dollars — River Greenway

    5.7 million dollars — SD Jr. Football Complex

    20 million dollars + — Indoor Aquatic Center

    and the wild spending continues……….

    the latest…..our Mayor insists we NEED a REFRIGERATED ice rink downtown with annual operating costs of 50,000 thousand dollars +………..

    Is all of this really what taxation was intended for!!??…………….

  6. This is the AL’s poll question for today, if anyone is interested in responding:

    Do you think the series of major recreation projects planned for Sioux Falls will be worth the investment?

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