State Democrats have a candidate in Senate District 6

Richard Schriever filed today at the State Democratic HQ to run for SD Senate District 6. Richard’s motto will be “A Balanced Perspective.” Richard comes from one of the founding families of the area, having lived and worked in every community in the district, having been both employed and an employer, having done the hard manual work of farming and construction as well as holding advanced degrees and working with the highest level executives at major multi-national corporations.

Richard says this;

I am a native of Tea, grew up in Tea, Sioux Falls and rural Harrisburg and am a graduate of Lennox High School.  I am an alumni of USD and Augustana College, and hold an advanced degree from a California School. I have been a small business owner and manager both in South Dakota and California and have consulted to major US and international companies, but I have also been a farmer, a welder and a bricklayer.  I currently live in Lennox, SD, where I have chaired the Planning Commission for 5 years.

I believe I will bring a well-rounded and balanced perspective to Pierre as your senator from District 6.  My goals in Pierre would be to assure that the people come first, and not just one point of view or another, but that everyone is equally considered. We need to move the state forward in a fair and transparent way.


#1 skybluesky on 08.10.12 at 10:12 am

Forgot the last sentence of his Bio…”and I still live in my mom’s basement.”

#2 WOW! on 08.10.12 at 10:52 am

Because of the tea party wins in the primaries the Dems have a chance to pick up a few senate seats on the eastern side of the state.

I’m not sure what is worse for the GOP. To have Dems hold a bigger caucus and oppose the GOP legislation or to have the Tea Partiers in Pierre eating their own.

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