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Gotta love I.L. (FF: 4:30) he asked the council and mayor tonight at the council meeting why developers can’t just buy the RR tracks, why is Pat Lloyd serving on the Parks Board, if Sanford was going to buy the naming rights to the city and the Argus Leader. I think ‘Sanford Times’ has a nice ring to it. He did it all in about 3 minutes. Talk about the speed round.

Now FF to (9:00).

From a South DaCola reader;

I don’t know if you looked at the upcoming city council meeting agenda, but… It looks like the city is going a little crazy with assessments. It reminded me of a good StrongTowns post from a few months ago about the questionable constitutionality of special assessments when they are applied to some projects.  It would seem to me that, unless a city project for which a citizen is assessed actually increases the true value of their property, their 5th amendment rights to due process are being violated, since they are being deprived of their money (property).

Building new sidewalks and streets obviously increases property values — no problem there.  But does sidewalk repair increase property values?  Does tree-trimming, or litter removal, or lawn-mowing?  One of the assessments is even for snow removal!  Sounds more like a hostage situation than an assessment to me (“We won’t plow your street until you pay up!”).

Yet another questionable brush with due process for this City.  It’s getting old.

Kermit asked, “Do we thank homeowners for scooping snow off of city owned sidewalks?” LOL!


#1 l3wis on 08.14.12 at 9:57 pm

I also enjoyed I.L.’s bitch slap of the city attorney about the Daily ruling. Still laughing.

#2 Testor15 on 08.15.12 at 4:02 pm

I.L. should have added “southdacola.com has this information if the Mayor won’t supply it.

#3 Detroit Lewis on 08.15.12 at 4:06 pm


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