I guess Noem is hiring out fence fixin’ now


Fixin’ Fence and riding horses. What else do you need from our congressperson. (the only thing missing from this shot is the toe truck that pulled that old truck out into the field.)

I wonder where she got the ad idea?


#1 Helga on 09.13.12 at 1:26 am

Looks like she has to be fixin’ fences on her month off because she can’t afford a hired hand.

#2 Detroit Lewis on 09.13.12 at 1:30 am

I love the comments on that article. I have known for years that she speaks in tongues.


#3 Detroit Lewis on 09.13.12 at 1:31 am

Helga, it is expensive to keep up that ‘look’

#4 Craig on 09.13.12 at 8:51 am

What is a “toe truck” exactly, and what kind of toe’s are being trucked?


#5 Alice15 on 09.13.12 at 9:06 am

And Matt Varilek throwing horse shoes is better? Please.

#6 Detroit Lewis on 09.13.12 at 10:04 am

Craig, you know what is funny about that? After I spelled it, I said to myself (I think I spelled that wrong) but then didn’t bother to fix it. Talk about laziness.

#7 rufusx on 09.13.12 at 10:10 am

Have you nrever driven West of SF on I-90. There are about a half dozen “Toe Service” signs approaching Mitchell. They’ve been there for DECADES.


#8 Detroit Lewis on 09.13.12 at 11:51 am

Ruf – It was a marketing scheme. My stepdad used to work for Dick’s (The body shop 🙂 and my uncle currently does.

#9 sheep herder on 09.13.12 at 2:13 pm

The ‘TOE” does catch your attention!

#10 Craig on 09.13.12 at 4:00 pm

Yea I know all about Dick’s Body Shop. They like puns and when I read about the “toe truck” that was the first thing I thought of. Back in the 90s they had to repaint a few of the signs, and of course… they kept the pun.

Good stuff.

#11 Joan on 09.13.12 at 7:57 pm

I figure she was sitting there on her horse admiring the rear of her hired hand. I wonder if this ad was filmed in Texas, like her previous ads were.

#12 Analog Kid on 09.13.12 at 7:59 pm

She has to stay in good with her slave supporters. They don’t dare question anything she does so they can get that photo opportunity with her to stay in check with at least their friends who play the game.

#13 Concerned Liberal on 09.13.12 at 8:10 pm

I thought she promised to do something about the $ 42000 of national debt that her son Booker owed in 2010. Now apparently its up to $ 51000. What gives? I hope she has found out solving the national debt crisis is a little more serious than just some small talk non sense around a friendly family game of Monopoly.

#14 Helga on 09.13.12 at 9:43 pm


Looks like Snooki’s best buddy isn’t going to do a farm bill. It appears she has no influence on Boehner or Kevin McCarthy, 3rd in charge, to get a farm bill passed. McCarthy lives in farm country also, but he is a repub so he doesn’t have to worry about votes, sadly. And of all the years, it is badly needed.

#15 Testor15 on 09.13.12 at 10:40 pm

She tries to make the west river types think she is one of them ranchers daughters when really she is just from the Castlewood SD. Castlewood is a ‘suburb’ of Watertown and Brookings. No one east of the Missouri River and especially HWY 81 is considered a ‘Rancher’. What a fraud. Just like Romney / Ryan if you repeat the lies long and hard enough, people will believe them.

#16 l3wis on 09.14.12 at 5:06 am

Come on Testor! If you own a horse and an old Dodge truck you are officially a rancher!

#17 Testor15 on 09.14.12 at 7:56 am

It’s amazing how many people in South Dakota think she is from west river. She does nothing to correct the record.

#18 OleSlewFoot on 09.14.12 at 8:36 am

Rancing has no geographic bounds. It is as simple as if you raise just grain, you are a farmer. If you are diversified and pasture a herd of cattle, not just feed out cattle in a lot, most consider themselves ranchers.

#19 Testor15 on 09.14.12 at 8:39 am

It reminds me of the former president who had the spread at Santa Barbara who raised no grain, cattle or anything else but fence posts. He called it a ranch. There used to be proud distinctions between being a farmer or rancher. Then again, Nomind is without distinction.

#20 Testor15 on 09.14.12 at 8:42 am

She just wants the imagery of old west rancher against the elements, standing firm on the prairie, battling all with her trusting horse and gun. What a bunch of B.S.

#21 Craig on 09.14.12 at 10:01 am

It is fun to pick on Noem, but she has always make it clear she is from Castlewood, and she reminded us numerous times about her Racota Valley Ranch where they raise Angus cattle.

If South Dakota voters are too stupid to look up “Castlewood” on a map or type it into Google then they have noone to blame other than themselves. East river ranches are typically smaller because the land offers so much more grass per acre (and aside from this year we typically get much more moisture) thus it takes less acres per head for grazing. This doesn’t suggest a east river ranch is any less of a ranch.

If there is anything misleading about the whole ranch concept it has to do with Kristi’s actual involvement… which hasn’t been much for years. Honestly though – who cares. She isn’t doing anything every other politician hasn’t done… they speak to their strengths and pump up their accomplishments. This happens at all levels from state reps who live in their parents basements all the way up to the President. The voters have the duty to look beyond the glossy cover to find out what is really in the pages.

#22 Joan on 09.14.12 at 8:36 pm

I would be willing to bet she doesn’t drive that old pick up, it wouldn’t go fast enough.

On the topic of farms and ranches, I have to laugh when I hear people that own five acres with a house and an out building of some kind on it, referring to it as a ranch. If that is a ranch, it makes the section of land my folks owned into a mansion-sized ranch. lol

#23 Detroit Lewis on 09.15.12 at 11:02 am

Ranch sounds cooler then Farm.

#24 Shelly on 09.17.12 at 12:33 pm

Kristi- Last election cycle called and they said to update your video. You’re still sporting the old hair-don’t!

#25 Detroit Lewis on 09.17.12 at 8:55 pm

Mitchell hair stylists must be proud.

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