The Quen Be is Back!

The Charter Revision Commission meetings are back, 3:30, Thursday Sept, 20th.

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#1 Detroit Lewis on 09.20.12 at 10:49 pm

The charter revision commision decided today to make their meetings ‘working sessions’ and have them in the commons room instead of the main room (so they won’t be recorded) The public can still attend and give input. Surprisingly enough Knudson was the only member who defended keeping the meetings recorded. She argued most people will be working at the 3:30 PM time they hold the meetings, and they should be able to view them later on the internets. The meetings after they make changes in the unrecorded working sessions, will be recorded. At the beginning of the meeting Knudson proclaimed that no one contacted her about any changes over their recess. Well, De, because nobody really likes you.

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