Gant, still doesn’t comprehend what his job is.

Gant says he will comply, sorta;

Gant said in an email he would not be recalling the existing ballot guide pamphlets lacking Adelstein’s statement.

Hey, Jason, then what is the point of re-printing the guides?

What an arrogant putz.

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#1 Thanks to South Dakota Secretary of State Jason Gant I May Have to Vote NO On All Proposed Amendments « SoDakLiberty on 10.13.12 at 8:40 pm

[…] Due to Gant’s continued refusal to do his job after being ordered by a judge on Friday 10-12-12 I will definitely be voting NO on all 4 […]

#2 Ol' Timer on 10.14.12 at 3:25 pm

If the secretary of state has broken the law for this election, which it appears he has, then how can the early ballots be allowed to count? I think they should all be nullified and everyone needs to re-vote.

Of course I think early voting is the biggest waste of money that this state does now. I would be willing to bet that 95% of early voting is party voting as those voters do not care about the issues, debates, or like this case, mistakes. All they care about is Republican or Democrat…I am tired of it all.

Stan, I am in Watertown and you are in Rapid City, but I you represent me more then any of these over here. I ask you to ask the question please.

#3 grudznick on 10.14.12 at 6:27 pm

Gant just can’t. Sir…Mr. Gant…you are an embarrassment and I insist you re-hire Mr. Powers and clean up your act.

#4 Helga on 10.14.12 at 9:50 pm

Big Bird needs to explain things to Gant by using the same alphabet letters Big Bird has for Mitt, F & U.

#5 Jackilope on 10.15.12 at 3:33 pm

To Ol Timer Re: voting early rationale
I do this so as phone bankers look at updated voting registries, I will get less phone calls. I’ve made up my mind on the issues and candidates awhile back and it just feels great to get it done and over with. No standing in line. Truthfully, I am sick of the ads, sick of the spin and cannot wait for Nov. 7th.

#6 Detroit Lewis on 10.15.12 at 4:43 pm

Jack – I absentee also, I have done it in the past 5 elections. It is fantastic, and you are right, no lines.

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