Meet the Legislative Candidates: Darrell Solberg • Candidate Dist. 11 House

Darrell Solberg, born and raised in Day County South Dakota. Graduated from Bristol High School, attended Brown Institute for Broadcasting in Minneapolis. Spent 15 years in Broadcasting. Started his own consulting/marketing company in 1983, which he still owns and operates with a partner.

As an entrepreneur he has been a partner is starting six companies in South Dakota, of which he is still active in two of them. Has lived in Sioux Falls since 1976

Have two children:

• A son, Shannon with his wife Molly and their son Fisher reside in Duluth, MN. Shannon owns a construction company and Molly is marketing director for Duluth Pack.

• A daughter, Heather living in China with her husband Kent who is an engineer for Daktronics in Brookings. Heather works for Adwerks Advertising agency via the internet.

Q & A

1) If you had to choose between public education funding or tax breaks and refunds to corporations interested in doing business in South Dakota, which would you cut first?

I would choose properly funding education

2) Do you support a one-penny sales tax increase to fund education and Medicaid. If so why or why not?

Only if I was guaranteed that additional penny sales tax would always go to education and Medicaid without used as a replacement for current state dollars and not after year one go into the General Fund to be used at the discretion of the Legislature.

3) What is the number one (1) issue the state legislature should focus on in the 2013 Legislative session?

Help create jobs with livable wages for South Dakotans

4) Since the state had a surplus this year of $50 million, do you think they should start funding public education better, reduce taxes or allocate those funds to something else?

Fund all levels education properly

5) Do you support citizen driven initiatives like the current snow gates petition that is circulating?

I am OK putting it up to a vote of the people

6) Bonus Question: If you were King for a day in Pierre, what would you change about the legislative session (EX: Rules, procedures & timeframes)?

Have a balance of power, so one party can’t govern at will. This would provide a better Legislature for the good of all people.



#1 ACGold on 10.08.12 at 10:14 am

So – You’re telling me that you would ignore the will of the electorate and instill more of the minority?

#2 rufusx on 10.09.12 at 11:00 am

AC – what do you callmit when a party controls 80% of the congressional seats by garnering just 52% of the popular votes? The “will pof the people”being represented?

What do you think about the idea of actual proportional representation. Each party puts up a slate of 10 candidates for a district. The party that gets 60% of the votes grets 6 reps. The party that gets 40% of the votes gets 4? As it is – the party that gets 60% of the vote gets 10- seats and the party that gets 40% gets ZERO.

#3 Detroit Lewis on 10.09.12 at 3:28 pm

First, I wish Dems would run as dems.

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