Snowgates: Can SF city councilors be recalled?


After reading Ellis’ column yesterday, I’m pretty sure he was referring to councilor Jim Entenman (who is known to vacation in Mexico over the winter);

Political backlash? Indeed. But keep this in mind: Two, maybe three of the four councilors eligible to stand for re-election in 2014 might not run again, so they wouldn’t be afraid of angering voters over snowgates. While you’re shoveling out the end of your driveway, they might be sipping margaritas on a beach in Mexico.

Whether Entenman or any other councilor plans to vote against a special election with the school district on the matter of the possible snowgate election this spring is beyond me. I have to believe that the city council would be hard-pressed to vote against having the special election when petition gatherers will have submitted almost 9,000 signatures. But hey, stranger things have happened – look where they are building the Events Center. If 4-5 of the councilors vote against the special election, what kind of repercussions could there be for them from the public? One citizen said to me,

“Hey, if they vote this election down, maybe we could recall the councilors that thumb there nose at our petitions.”

Another thing they pointed out was that 9,000 signatures is a heckuva a lot more votes then some of these councilors received to get into office.

My suggestion to the council is that all 8 of them vote to call this election for the Spring of 2013. Voting against the will of 9,000 citizens could put you in a very bad, bad PR position. But who cares, right? As long as you have a margarita in your hand.


#1 Pathloss on 11.20.12 at 11:04 am

Nowhere in Mexico is safe anymore. If he’s stupid enough to go there, works better than a recall.

#2 Pathloss on 11.20.12 at 11:08 am

There was 8,000 murders in Juarez Mexico last year. It’s estimated it was more like 15,000 because they stopped counting. Citizens of Eli Paso no longer go across the border because odds of being kidnapped or killed are one in one.

#3 Craig on 11.20.12 at 11:45 am

Pathloss… Mexico is a very large, and very diverse country. Suggesting someone should avoid the entire country due to the problems near the border towns is like suggesting people should avoid traveling to the Grand Canyon due to the high crime rate of South Detroit.

You may want to consider looking at a map… or better yet maybe see some of the world for yourself. I can assure you the people lounging on the beaches down in Cancun aren’t really concerned about gang violence in Ciudad Juarez.

#4 Detroit Lewis on 11.20.12 at 12:26 pm

Craig – I think he was being partially sarcastic. I guess you would have to meet PL to understand.

#5 Poly43 on 11.20.12 at 6:13 pm

I can assure you the people lounging on the beaches down in Cancun aren’t really concerned about gang violence in Ciudad Juarez.

There are a lot of great beaches in the Caribbean. Cancun is not home to any, near as I could tell. Maybe you should read this, and the associated links.

#6 OleSlewFoot on 11.20.12 at 9:58 pm

I have watch the snowgate videos from the manufacturers. Is the purpose of snow gates to make city intersections safer during removal or to help residents with their driveways? All the videos I have watched just show intersection clearing. I think trying to get onto 22nd St from a home on Summit through a snow drift is a much bigger safety issue than having my driveway clear.

#7 Craig on 11.21.12 at 8:26 am

Poly, murders happen everywhere – even right here in Sioux Falls. The article you posted was from March so I’m guessing it isn’t something that happens on a weekly basis.

As to their beaches, I can assure you they are plentiful. Cancun is one of the most popular destinations in all of Mexico, and they are home to numerous resorts each of which has a beach. In fact I have a friend who goes to Cancun every single winter and loves every second of it.

I’m really not sure what your point is – the fact remains there is a huge difference between the resort areas of Cancun and some of the border towns in the North which are home to all the gang and drug violence. I simply don’t agree with Dan’s statement, and although he may have been sarcastic, who can really tell.

#8 Poly43 on 11.21.12 at 9:43 am

Craig, murders do happen everywhere, even SF, but not quite like in Cancun. Did you read ANY of the associated links? Like this one? Or any of the others?

Would I be afraid of going there on vacation because of drug related violence? Prolly not. Resort areas are generally well protected. But as a destination in general? Been to the Riviera Maya area a couple times. Way too much of a tourist trap in my eyes. You want it? Take it. It’s all yours.

#9 Craig on 11.21.12 at 12:38 pm

To be entirely honest Poly, I wouldn’t go anywhere in Mexico. Been there – it isn’t at the top of my list to visit again. There are many more areas of this great Earth more worthy of my time and tourist dollar.

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