Poetry Club w/Chuck Luden


The globular cluster is descending
Watch out if you can
The universe is more than
we can control
so let’s enjoy the colors
it brings and hope we are
gone before it ends
but if everlasting life is
a guarantee
then who cares
Let’s dance all night
with those that love freedom

Charles Luden • 11-23-12 at Champps

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#1 Pathloss on 12.02.12 at 11:02 pm

2012 has been tough with hurricane in the east, drought in the middle, and earthquakes in the west. Now the pineapple express is bringing in problem weather. Planets come into alignment on the 21st and there will be gravitational influence. Personally, I expect more problems but certainly not the end of the world. Other than for tornados, we live in the safest part of the country. Yellowstone is expected to blow some day but no sign of a problem now. December 21st will be just another day. If the aztecs knew the final day, why did they disappear without predicting their end?

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