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SIRE & Online meetings

Not sure if others have noticed, but ‘Some’ issues still exist even after all of my foot stomping and the city claiming they ‘identified’ the problem and were fixing it. Some meetings still are disappearing for a few days. Some get posted, then will disappear the next day, or some don’t appear for a few days. Another issue I have found is that there is a long silent moment at the beginning of the meeting, you sometimes have to FF about 4-10 minutes before the meeting begins. While I was smart enough to figure this out, I wonder if others watching the meetings online just get frustrated and figure the video is not working. To tell you the truth I am tired of complaining to the clerk’s office and the IT department. I still don’t understand why this is so difficult to manage, it makes you wonder how other departments are managed.

Public Input discussion at the city council working session

I was able to attend the meeting yesterday for the first hour, but I wasn’t able to stay for the public input portion. I got the feeling that ‘certain’ city councilors just ‘don’t get it’. Councilors Erpenbach and Entenman seem to be in a state of denial about city ordinance, even though the city attorney, at least twice during the meeting told them what the ordinance was. 5 minutes per person. Erpenbach seemed to think she OR the mayor can make up the rules as they go along, and she ‘claimed’ Munson used to do it. Which is not entirely true. Mayor Munson who split the opponents and propopents, and would usually let proponents go first. But I do not ever remember when limiting beyond the 5 minute ordinance. He would stop and gavel disruptive or controversial testimony, did it to me twice. Erpenbach DOES NOT seem to fully comprehend what her rights are. It is clear to me that, after the city attorney read the ordinance to her twice in the meeting, that she clearly broke city ordinance when it came to public input. She owes us an apology.

Precinct Maps

I was told yesterday that Bev Chase from the school district and Bob Litz from the county decided the school election precincts. Councilor Entenman was in attendance to the meeting just as a representative for the city and made NO decisions on the matter.


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