Mike ‘The rules don’t apply to me’ Huether


One can only laugh at the irony of Huether busting everyone else’s chops about ‘code enforcement‘ yet doesn’t follow the rules himself.

City Ordinance Section 97.001 Posting on public property. No person shall nail, paste, paint or otherwise affix in any manner any sign, advertisement, picture or design whatever upon any bridge, viaduct, sidewalk, parking, parkway, boulevard, crosswalk, curb or street or upon the railing or approaches of any bridge, viaduct or sidewalk or upon any telephone, electric light or fire alarm pole or post.

These signs (3) in the boulevard were seen outside his campaign office this past week and were still there today. Maybe the city’s code enforcement shrink needs to have a discussion with Mike about his obsession with signage. He seems to be ‘hoarding’ the boulevard with his signs. Maybe this obsession is a sub conscience mental disorder?


#1 Testor15 on 03.02.14 at 10:38 pm

Looks like he’s hoarding his signs, must be a mental condition. Better send him to the city’s shrink…

#2 hornguy on 03.02.14 at 11:24 pm

Small point, but I’m pretty sure only two of those signs are in the right-of-way. They should probably move those.

#3 anonymous on 03.03.14 at 5:59 am

Is his campaign office in a residential neighborhood?

#4 l3wis on 03.03.14 at 6:23 am

Horndog, there is actually another sign behind the tree. To tell you the truth, I don’t care two shits. I would be a hypocrite to say I agree with this sign ordinance. Funny how it’s the city’s boulevard when they want to enforce rules but it’s the property owner’s boulevard when they want you to maintain it. But I think it is a little hypocritical of the mayor to expect everyone else to follow code, but he doesn’t have to.

#5 Nature Lover on 03.03.14 at 9:14 am

That attitude is typical of our arrogant mayor MMM. He has been reportedly telling people if even if the outdoor pool wins in April he can do what he wants. He can place an indoor facility in Spellerberg Park anyway.

#6 Craig on 03.03.14 at 9:23 am

Every election cycle we see this dozens and dozens of times… often times on major roads. Most people probably don’t understand it isn’t permissible to put these signs in the bouldevard, but you would think the Mayor and City Councilors would (even though I’ve seen several of them violate it in the past also).

I’m guessing if you want it taken care of you’ll need to call in to the city and complain just as you would for any other code or ordinance violation. However don’t be sure that will actually change anything. Remember the big stink about a local Christian School that had signs in yards all over town? The city contacted the school to remind them those types of signs weren’t allowed, and the school send letters to the parents about them but no action was ever taken by the city. You can still see them in yards in my neighborhood – or at least you could before they were buried under piles of snow.

DL is right though… pretty ironic to see this from the mayor’s campaign office. Don’t they know the tricks? You put up huge signs in your windows and nobody can do anything about it, or you put huge 4×8 signs in the back of an old pickup and park it near a major intersection – again perfectly legal provided you move it every day or two. Rookies.

#7 rufusx on 03.03.14 at 10:01 am

Isn’t it “complaint-based” enforcement. Of course – you won’t complain – at least not formally with the code officials, then you’d have nothing to complain about here – 5 times.

#8 pathloss on 03.04.14 at 2:14 pm

Block with bigger Jamison signs. It’s public property. If any come down, all must. Before & after pictures suggested.

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