Is it time for Parks Board meetings to be Video taped at Carnegie?

Besides the fact that the council ramrodded every agenda item through without much discussion at last night’s city council meeting (Kermit was absent and attending a conference – which was also ironic that they scheduled an executive session in his absence).

They also approved the transit board recommendations. Two things were missing from that discussion; NO transfers and NO free ridership under a certain age. They also didn’t address the poorly managed dispatch of Paratransit which is probably very costly to the system, but oh well, when councilor Staggers is out of town, questions don’t get asked and we rumberstamp much faster.

Speaking of the rubber stamp, councilors Karsky and Erpenbach seemed to have lost theirs for a moment last night when the council proposed an amendment to overstep the Parks Board. It’s really a simple argument, the city council is an elected board and should always supersede any appointed board, like the Parks Board.

But councilor Erpenbach (a former Parks Board member) felt that the council should not be allowed to overstep their recommendations. Once again, Michelle couldn’t be more wrong. Remember, they are appointed by the Mayor, and they aren’t your average Joe Six-Pack sitting at Van Eps Park drinking a cold one on a Wednesday morning. One of the members for example is the wife of mega-super-TIF-sucking developer Craig Lloyd.

So I ask Michelle, if this board is so precious and powerful, why aren’t the decisions they are making being recorded on video at Carnegie? I suggest the next resolution the city council proposes is that ALL appointed board meetings be recorded at Carnegie, including Ethics board and city council working sessions. If they are so important, they can show their importance by being transparent.

Also, you can’t miss public input from last night, the mayor was ‘forgiven’ for being a jerk by a citizen.


#1 85th stuckee on 08.13.14 at 9:43 pm

If they are making policy and have more power than our pitiful city council then yes they should be recorded and an archive record be provided. But if they can go in and delete recordings like Meridith Larson at the Planning Board last March when he offered the approval for the walfart at 85th and Minn and then the SIRI idiots kept saying they didn’ t record it, but was on reruns the same night, then BS and deletion. If Kiley, Steele, Erickson and good old Kermit don’t want to change the frckn mess of city govt, it won’t matter til the Fed comes in and tosses some of the idiots into jail. I’m so ashamed to be a Sioux Falls resident when this crap is going on for the sake of money and greed. Our MMM and fiddle faddle have failed us on so many occasions. I hope they enjoy the EC as it will be a flopper in a year or two. No parking and we don’t see plans for new parking except for the skybox richie folks who get their own parking lot. Suppose the Parks people will decide where the parking lots will be. Why not. Lloyd will certainly have input, (notice I didn’t say which one) A clowns in our city hall. Had this been build downtown, we could have had the rail yard demolished and the event center and a lot of parking built. And the arena and the rest of the complex could have been running at 100% with events. Now the EC if sold out or partial sold out, the rest of the damn place has to shut down because of lack of parking. I’m sure enteman will get a nice chunk of parking monies as well as the other goofs up to 6th street. I for one, will not walk that far or pay $10 to $15 to park in a crap area. I’m sure a 4 or 5 story parking ramp which we had downtown will be build at someone’s expense. Oh yeah the taxpayer. Too bad you will find me in MPLS to go to the Target Center and have a great time in the old warehouse district. That doesn’t exsist here you city hall A clowns.

#2 Dan Daily on 08.14.14 at 10:11 am

The park on a Wednesday morning with a Sixpack is more interesting and less depressing than anything happening at Carnegie. Filming and documenting doesn’t seem to slow spending of the budget on unnecessary follies. Given under the table payola, it’s disgusting how treasonous both elected and parks posts have become. I realize there’s no possible corrective action. Questions and investigation will occur only once the city has gone into default.

#3 Dan Daily on 08.14.14 at 10:19 am

I’d be ashamed to represent the city in any capacity. Many may agree with me but the majority of the population can’t see it because they aren’t paying attention. It’s just best to let the criminals get rich from overpriced foolish city projects and try to recover some of the fraud once the city becomes insolvent.

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