Low unemployment and even lower wages

Forget about the low unemployment in Sioux Falls, this column hits the nail on the head with what is wrong with the Sioux Falls job market;

Indeed, the Conference of Mayors report laments that jobs gained during the economic recovery pay an average 23 percent less than jobs lost during the so-called Great Recession.

The annual wage was $61,637 in sectors where jobs were lost in the economic downturn, which began in December 2007, while the average wage of new jobs gained through the second quarter of this year was only $47,171. “This wage gap,” said the report, “represents $93 billion in lost wages.”

So while America is getting back to work after the recession, they are doing it with less in their paychecks. It amazes me when we brag about our low unemployment in Sioux Falls and all the business development going on, but no one dares to talk about wages, which are getting worse. So while the rich are getting even richer after the recession, they are not sharing that good fortune with their employees. As I long suspected during the recession, the business community would use the recession as an excuse to not give raises and even cut pay. Enough of the excuses, it’s time to pony up.


#1 Minimum Rage on 08.15.14 at 3:18 pm

If it wasn’t for an elderly family member I wouldn’t have moved back to SD. Was looking at part-time jobs and what they paid and was shocked. It’s basically philanthropy on my part.

A SD medium sized city official was boasting about the low unemployment rate but I should of asked what percentage of those employed have living wage jobs with benefits. Even the local Realtor said we live in a very low wage community and people don’t have the money.

Lastly a state legislator balked about raising the minimum wage of he’d be going to McDonalds and paying $15 dollar hamburgers. So are we already indirectly with those and other low wage employees seeking social services we as taxpayers pay for? The taxpayers end up subsidizing some of these business profits for those few who benefit of it.

#2 85th stuckee on 08.15.14 at 8:08 pm

Think about what MMM and Broin are doing with building all the income based Project buildings for a better word, of course the bulk are in Lincoln County. Too bad the Lincoln County commissioners and for that matter the Harrisburg school bd didn’t see this coming, and all the Tifs that will really hurt a lot of young family homeowners. MMM will go running to the state and fed to write checks for everyone to live in one of these apt complexes so he and Broin can live the good life, while we all get the Vaseline jar. There won’t be any paratransit, no bus service so they can’t get to mcDucks but they will have an ebt card to run down to walfart. We are there, its here, not going away, it sucks that we have to pay for everything and put up with the BS while VanEps can’t seem to be resolved like the rest of the issues in town, the richies are laughing and MMM and the a clowns at city hall are having a great time but I think it will be short lived. The state is broke, walmarts not going to fix that, they won’t pay a decent wage they’ll close the damn stores even a new one if they don’t make a certain profit. What a wonderful place to call home, thanks to the rich idiots who don’t give a damn about this town.

#3 Wayne on 08.16.14 at 12:19 am

Its long been my contention that the discontent across America is caused by low wages. That is to say, wages and incomes don’t keep up with the cost of buying things people need.

#4 Dan Daily on 08.16.14 at 11:27 am

Real unemployment is worse than what the mayor brags about. Why look for a job if it’s not a living wage. Some stay home on welfare. It’s a better living. Others rob casinos and convenience stores. The daily jail population is an overpopulation of 1,000. You get home release if you didn’t rape or murder someone. There’s an underground economy of drugs, barter, & unreported cash. A closer look at what’s become of ‘America’s Top Ten City’ is shameful. If interviewed, we (the people) would not brag on a national news network.

#5 Joan on 08.16.14 at 6:06 pm

No state with a conscience should be charging sales tax on food and clothing. Those are the two main necessities other than shelter. If I had my way, besides food and clothing I would also say some household necessities like bedding, pots and pans, etc. wouldn’t be taxed.

#6 Dan Daily on 08.18.14 at 8:25 am

I make regular trips to Minneapolis or Okoboji. My shopping for clothing is in the twin cities. I always buy groceries in Worthington MN. In other words, no sales tax on food or clothing in Minnesota. For general merchandise, use Amazon.com or pay with PayPal (barter). No sales tax and usually free shipping.

#7 Minimum Rage on 08.18.14 at 12:59 pm

Dan Daily I do the same thing and plan my regular trips to Minnesota(Twin Cities) including stocking up on groceries, purchasing clothing and other items.

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