What is the ‘real’ cost of the Road Diet?


Don’t get me wrong, I think the Road Diet is a great idea, and I see a ton of people taking advantage of the FREE 90 minute diagonal parking. It also helps out business on Main Street, especially Parker’s Bistro. But as you look at the project, you see it is quite expansive. The city, according to my sources, also built the patio bump out for Parker’s. Which makes sense due to liability, etc. But what is puzzling is how all this work was done for ‘around’ $8000. According to a traffic engineer with the city, when asked in this informational (FF: 33:20) he said the materials for the project would cost ‘around’ this much, but didn’t have final numbers or labor cost. So we move ahead with a project without having final cost figures, and on top of it we lowball an estimate to the council? This goes back to that whole transparency thingy with the administration and how information is being withheld from the city council, and they are expected to make decisions based on only having half of the info. Lame.

We saw it with the film projector purchase and again with the indoor pool at Spellerberg. Speaking of the pool I see the super secret selection committee is announcing the construction company that will build the pool today, hopefully it doesn’t start with an ‘M’. Funny how they are already announcing the construction company without having final plans approved by the council and a quit claim deed that is floating over the park like a cloud of stink from JM’s.



#1 Dan Daily on 08.19.14 at 2:06 pm

It’s interesting how city contracts are awarded without competitive bid process.
How much will ‘bump out’ repairs be from winter snowplow and traffic hits?

#2 scott on 08.19.14 at 7:45 pm

I wonder if the city “improvements” to Parker’s are in exchange for MMM not having to publicly endorse Weiland.

#3 Taxpayer on 08.20.14 at 6:16 am

The Weiland Family certainly seems to like hand-outs!!

First, $63,000 for a projector at the State Theatre (can’t tell you how many times I listened to Stacey Weiland beg for money at public meetings), and now taxpayers footed the bill for the Weiland’s bump-out to their restaurant on Main Avenue?!

Kind of goes against that gimmicky 15 second commercial of her husband’s.

#4 James on 08.20.14 at 10:45 am

Wiley’s got a nice little bump out as well. Was that another 8Kish for materials?

#5 anonymous on 08.24.14 at 9:47 am

James, there is a big difference between the bumpout in front of Wiley’s vs. the bumpout for Parker’s.

Wiley’s was given an open piece of pavement, Parker’s was given a very nice wooden deck with railings!

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