UPDATE: Mayor Huether needs to ‘Man Up’

Fantastic letter by the Granddaughter of Dr. Robert Giebink who donated the land originally for the Glory House & Ice Hockey center;

The now defunct Sioux Falls Ice & Rec Center is where I learned to skate. Where my grandfather, Dr. Robert Giebink (Doc), would watch me play hockey. I used to wave to him through the plexiglass and watch him smile and cheer me on. No one knew that it was his doing that allowed such a recreation center to be built. He was the man who donated the land necessary to construct not just the SFIRC, but the Glory House, as well. And you know what? He never sought recognition or glory. There was no parade in his honor, and he refused to have his name on the buildings. That’s the kind of man he was: quiet and selfless. Now I only wish my mayor had a fraction of the humility and respect he did. Mayor Huether needs to man up and be a little more like Doc.

You mean like NOT take $500K from taxpayers for a private tennis center then plaster their name on the building?

I hope the next mayor gets out a wrecking crew to remove all things ‘Huether’ from public facilities, like his stupid quotes on the wall of the indoor pool and events center. In fact, I would be willing to tear off those letters for a 6-Pack of crappy beer.

UPDATE: Also attached a letter that was read at the council meeting last night by Doc’s daughter, Joan Giebink (DOC: Joan-Giebink )


#1 LJL on 02.14.17 at 5:58 pm

Wow.. Thats a good one.

#2 The D@ily Spin on 02.15.17 at 10:33 am

He wants his own Book of the Bible. Religious leaders thought he was kidding. In 14 months let’s take his name off everything. However, after he dies, let’s name the landfill and sewage treatment plant after him. Veto that.

#3 Bruce on 02.15.17 at 11:47 am

Joan Giebink and the other members of Dr. Giebink’s family must be commended for stepping forward on this project. I did not know Dr. Giebink well but I remember him fondly. A very active retiree who stayed interested in everyone he met.

It is interesting to consider to price paid to transfer this property, it was one dollar. This shows the true value of the land on the city books. The donation should carry forward forever and not be be tied to short term greed of temporary officeholders.

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