Sioux Falls solution to Human Relations? Lawyer Up.

I saw this the other day in the Mayor’s Top 10 Alternative Facts, and just shook my head;

When Mayor Mike Huether established Sioux Falls’ first ever Human Relations Coordinator position in 2015, the idea was to have a point person at City Hall for the community’s underserved populations when dealing with discrimination and other civil rights issues. But after two short-lived hires – the city’s second-ever Human Relations Coordinator, Julie Briggs, resigned in March 2016 – City Hall decided to take a new approach: Do away with the coordinator position and add a full-time human rights attorney and a support staff member to assist.

So instead of the city protecting people’s human rights, they hire someone to protect the city from human rights complaints. Nice move – NOT. The city should be working for us and helping people when they have legitimate complaints. It seems our city attorney’s office under Huether has become an anti-citizen entity. Very sad. Heck, even a city councilor had to hire her own attorney to protect herself from unfounded ethics complaints. If I was the city council, I would defund the city attorney’s office and re-establish it under their budget and control.

I also found the mayor’s new war on the media lately to be quite comical, the Argus has been printing this line in their stories when it involves the mayor;

Huether declined to be interviewed for this article

If I was advising Huether, I would tell him pissing off the media is NOT a good idea. I guess he will find out the hard way. The irony is if he would even attempt to tell the truth he wouldn’t have to endure so much scrutiny. I sometimes wonder if he really believes some of the stuff he says.

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#1 The D@ily Spin on 02.09.17 at 8:40 pm

Huether’s answer has always been add more overhead and deception. City legal and finance are ten times the people than for Munson. If you round up the homeless on fridays, you need a lawyer to make it look like it’s solving the crime problem. Since the Argus versus City Sunshine Law suit, Huether always hides under a rock. Isn’t it great? I like facts from reporters. Adding Huether lies and ego makes it hard to get to the valuable context.

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