Signs, Signs, everywhere there are signs

Most of Cynthia’s signs are in business lots or rental property. She even had a couple signs on private university property (that kind of made me chuckle) Still waiting to see her signs along O’Gorman’s property.

To be fair, Mrs. Mickelson’s signs do appear in many home yards also.

The sign wars always are interesting, as if someone is going to vote for someone based on a cute sign. What surprises me is that Cynthia’s signs are appearing on so many commercial properties (even a liquor store). This is something you usually see in legislative or council races, but rarely in school board elections.

Of course people would say it shouldn’t surprise us, Cynthia’s husband runs the chokehold called the Republican party in Pierre, of course his comrades would help out. People have argued that Cynthia is her own person and parents have asked her to run, which I believe, but when you have commercial businesses getting involved with a school board election, it worries me. It’s a new precedent that is troubling. Is anything sacred anymore?

Just look at the school board itself, in an effort to leave voters out of the school start date, they sent out a survey to parents and teachers, not property tax payers, and certainly not commercial businesses.

If Cynthia wants to be on the school board to help children, which I believe she does, she would show some integrity and pull her signs from all commercial properties.

I encourage Cynthia to run on her qualifications instead of her husband’s connections.

There are four fantastic candidates running for school board (including Cynthia) let them battle it out the old fashion way, at the ballot box.


#1 Emoluments Clause on 05.11.17 at 11:29 pm

Be careful commenting on her yard signs! Look what happen to me…. 😉

#2 The D@ily Spin on 05.12.17 at 10:43 am

There should be more candidates with O’s in their name. After the election, they make good targets for sighting in your deer rifle.

#3 Michele on 05.14.17 at 9:29 pm

Do you know if there are any debates/informative events scheduled for the candidates? Facebook, twitter and signs only go so far. Are they for school choice? How about common core? Would like to know more.

#4 Randy Dobberpuhl on 05.15.17 at 2:19 pm

On Thursday, May 18th, the Chamber and League of Women’s Voter’s will co-host the first forum at IPC from 6:30-7:30pm.
The Downtown Rotary will be hosting a forum Monday, May 22nd, at Holiday Inn City Center from 12:00-1:00pm.
Tom Cool with the Democratic Party will be hosting a forum on Friday, May 26th, at the VFW from 12:00-1:00pm.
I believe the IPC and Downtown Rotary forum will be televised.
Thank you for bringing this up! Please get to know your candidates before you vote!
Randy Dobberpuhl

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