SHOCKER! Open enrollment in the Sioux Falls School District has created segregation

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You kind of feel sorry for the newbie that had to do this story;

Morrison hopes his findings will help serve as a wake-up call for Sioux Falls.

“It’s important to create awareness because there’s just an opportunity as a community to come alongside some of these schools that may not have some of the benefits our other schools have,” Morrison said.

Findings? LOL! We have known for several years that parents have been moving their kids around under open enrollment so their children don’t have to go to ‘certain’ schools in their neighborhood.

Open enrollment is segregation, plain and simple. Try fixing it now, and you will have pitchforks and torches.

We often look at what is going on nationally with race relations, but all we have to do is look in our backyard and see what kind of educational community we are building.

If our current school board and super had any integrity they would eliminate open enrollment and get us back on track.

Diversity is a good thing.


#1 LJL on 08.23.17 at 10:30 pm

Enrolling your kids in other schools is not an easy process. You really need to think about your reasoning. Open enrollment is just an excuse for the real social and economic issues driving these numbers.

#2 Emoluments Clause on 08.23.17 at 10:31 pm

The open enrollment idea in South Dakota started under Janklow in the mid 1990s and was initially designed to offer choice in the rural areas, and thus the hope of forced rural consolidation to save educational costs and hopefully re-channel educational monies in a more efficient manner. But as this news story shows, open enrollment has done more to create segregation instead, and I think it is also been used instead to turn student athletes into free agents as well…

#3 matt johnson on 08.24.17 at 7:43 am

How many kids open enroll from the Terry Redlin area to Harvey Dunn? not sure that information is available but do not think it is the real problem. Do think there is a problem but you can’t blame those at Harvey Dunn for the problems at other schools

#4 The D@ily Spin on 08.24.17 at 7:55 am

Is the 50 million we couldn’t vote on meant to expand schools in upper middle class areas so that schools in poor areas can be demolished? Having to get your kids across town where there’s a safe school is a burden on the poor. Meanwhile rich kids walk to school. Open enrollment has strengthened the mean girls club. However, it’s worth getting your kids their free meal for the day.

#5 The D@ily Spin on 08.24.17 at 7:59 am

What upper middle class schools need is to be renamed Sanford. Each should have a confederate hero statue out front.

#6 Emoluments Clause on 08.24.17 at 1:26 pm

What does it also say when an entire school qualifies for reduced meals?…. AN ENTIRE SCHOOL!?

HELLO SIOUX FALLS! ….. It’s time for our town to be less concerned about an arch across a river and more concerned with building middle class values instead, I think…. The elite in this town, hiding in their taupe homes with their white and black SUVs, should be building bridges to the working poor and not just arches, that the working poor might be able to notice as they go from their first to their second or third jobs…..

Often business leaders, who are often conservative, expound the importance of family values, or at least use such emotional appeal to garner support and stay in power, but true family values require more importantly a commitment to middle class values, and in order to have a true middle class, you need true wages….


#7 Shame shame shame on 08.24.17 at 4:47 pm

Dig a little deeper and look at George McGovern Middle School. We have an inner city school with gang related problems on the outskirt of our NW district. Whose bright idea was it to segregate all the ELL, Immersion Center, and Special education students in one building by calling it Center Based to save money? If parents want to receive the services they have to leave their neighborhood schools and have their children either bussed or drop them off themselves to get the services.
Doug-please use your new position to solve this issue because it is a huge disservice to this community!

#8 matt johnson on 08.25.17 at 1:14 pm

As I do not always understand your “humor” I do not know if your last statement in the original post is meant to be serious or not. Diversity, however, is not always good as the diversity exists in the schools having the most problems.

#9 scott on 08.25.17 at 5:41 pm

perhaps he means economic, not racial diversity. i’d guess terry redlin is racially diverse.

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