Shocker! The city lied to media.

It’s actually no surprise that the chief BS artist, Parks Director, Don Kearney is behind all this. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a load. He just got used to lying so much in the run up to the pool vote that it is second nature for him;

In fact, at least one reader thinks the city had been too pushy on mowing in the past. I took a call this morning from someone who saw today’s paper and wanted to say that the city used to keep the grass too short, especially during the driest parts of summer.

But even that guy wasn’t impressed by the city’s lack of transparency.

“The thing that really bothered me is that the parks director declined to give you a list,” he said.

Would the questions have disappeared if the city were more up front about the landscaping? Probably not.

But a little sunshine wouldn’t hurt.

If I were the next mayor, Don would be on my chopping block, and he can take Fiddle-Faddle, Turdbak, The Bride of Franken and a host of the other lying clowns that are the Huether circus.


#1 Marco on 09.11.17 at 7:19 pm

When can we expect the Ehrisman for Mayor Committee to be formed?

#2 l3wis on 09.11.17 at 8:19 pm

Ha! The problem with that . . .

#3 The D@ily Spin on 09.11.17 at 8:57 pm

Not a good time to be mayor. Huether left a mess. Someone will do it and I feel sorry for them. There must be cuts. I agree with your choices but some are entrenched. I’d like to see top salary for anyone $100k. Any public employee is not worth more. It’s the best benefits and nothing but lunch and break time.

#4 Jeff Barth on 09.12.17 at 12:12 am

Ah, the tangled web…

#5 Blasphemo on 09.13.17 at 7:27 pm

The D@ily Spin: you make an excellent point about a $100k cap on municipal employee salaries. A review of current municipal salaries in SF reveals a preposterous number of employees who are paid far in excess of that amount. This exponentially outsrips the average citizen income in SF. It is the good old boy network run amok.

#6 Sioux Falls Fan on 09.16.17 at 10:35 am

I actually think most of these people are pretty good humans working under a terrible human. Good leaders bring out the best in people. Bad leaders bring out the worst. A new mayor, one who cares about common good more than himself, will allow everyone to work to a higher standard.

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