Park Board Meeting, October 17, 2017

Well here we are again at the special club meeting of the special people who do things we mere mortals have to put up with, otherwise known as the monthly search for the Sioux Falls Park and Recreation Board hangout. We found it at the Prairie Green Golf Course (of course) where we’re constantly reminded of tee times through the meeting. If this wasn’t enough, as we were recording the meeting we were treated to the flushing of toilets in the next rooms. What a pleasant experience.

We learn so much when we show up but yet learn so little. Normally when Cameraman Bruce shows up to these hidden city meetings there is never a handout of the exhibits for him, this time he just grabbed them as he could. We are posting the handouts in a PDF (DOC: 2017-10-17-Park&RecBoardso you can see how weak the numbers are at our ski hill and golf courses. We get to see how we’re getting a new park experience across from the packing house to commemorate the millions of livestock hoofs moved through the property in the past. At least the visitors will get to share the smells as they visit on little town on the prairie.

Isn’t it about time we look at getting ready to dump some of these toys? Even the special people are seeing how the screws are pinning them down.

Why was there no questions about the new marketing program (scam) results never presented to the Park Board dreamed up by Kearney?

It’s a smellabration and it really stinks. Our Park and Recreation Board shows it every month.

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#1 Bruce on 10.19.17 at 11:09 am

Notice at the bottom of the agenda it says:

“Upcoming events: No scheduled press conferences or ribbon cuttings”

Guess the golf course management agreement never happened the next morning at 10:00am as Kearney announced at the end of his presentation?

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