Sioux Falls City Council Public Input • Oct 3, 2017

It really is simple, the stories told by our mayor have been lies on so many levels and the South Dakota Supreme Court finally had their fill of the crap they heard. Our City Attorney Fiddle Faddle helped create a way for the mayor to build his yarns of authoritarian glory. Mike reminds us often of the Nixonian proclamation “If the President does it must be legal”.

Our Sioux Falls City Council Public Inputers had a chance to remind the elected officials of the lies spread since construction of the events center started in 2013. It was hard for many to believe the hype being presented by the city’s chief marketing officer then and the Court also could not be swayed.

To start the October 3, 2017 meeting, Jerry Fogg talked of trust during the invocation smudging ceremony and each of the following inputers built on the theme from there. Cameraman Bruce shared a goody bag of city building swag and his recent National Geographic reading material. Imagine the subtitle of the magazine cover, “The science behind our complicated relationship with the truth”. Our mayor has a complicated history with such simple things like the truth.

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#1 LJL on 10.07.17 at 12:41 pm

Did he look directly at the mayor when he said “telling the truth”? I would like to know if he did this on purpose?

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