Sioux Falls Chamber supports the Parking Ramp Boondoggle

Of course this is no surprise the Chamber supports corporate welfare and handouts, and has to attack the detractors on the council and from the public;

It remains clear that Councilor Stehly is adamantly opposed to this public-private development and Councilor Starr has some critical observations as well. While we will not predict the final vote, most councilors seem to view this project and the public-private aspect as an outstanding opportunity to achieve two goals – more public parking and a significant private investment in downtown. Further, they view it as consistent with the 2025 Downtown Development Plan.

As a rhetorical strategy in this political debate, some who oppose the project predict an incredible backlash against the city if the project is approved. They maintain lots of people are talking to them against the project. Proponents say they are hearing the opposite and their contacts and conversations are much more supportive of the possibility of leveraging a public investment with a private development to improve downtown in a manner consistent with the Downtown Plan.

First off, I do NOT oppose DT parking expansion, and I also do NOT have an issue with a private/public partnership. The issues are clear; Cost and Investors.

The cost is clearly TOO high when you compare to other similar projects across the country and if you read our own consultant’s report.

The investors are a secret.

It is also true many in the community are mad and more so puzzled by the high cost of the project. Proponents are obviously not listening to the public just the rich talking heads in town that salivate over corporate welfare and handouts.

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#1 Darren Weisz on 11.21.17 at 4:06 pm

What really upsets me is I sat in meetings when they had to tear down the parking ramp across poop river. No mention that more parking would be needed or more millions would need to be spent. CRAP, LIES.

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