Mayor Huether refuses to take responsibility for flat panels on Events Center

It’s not a lie if you don’t answer the question

When I addressed the Sioux Falls city council last night about the EC siding report, I asked who authorized putting the flat panels instead of curved panels on the EC.

At the press conference, Argus Leader reporter, Joe Sneve asked the same question of the mayor. Mayor Huether said it has already been addressed several years ago, yet still would not answer the question. Not sure ‘what’ was addressed?

The authorization would have had to be signed off by somebody, most likely the mayor or Public Works director Mark Cotter or one of the city project managers involved with the EC. Even if it wasn’t the mayor, it would have been under his directive. As I said last night, the panels didn’t just magically appear on the building.

It is pretty clear from reading the report that oil-canning of flat panels on a curved surface is causing thermal buckling due to heat which will cost the city a lot of money in maintenance replacing panels and rivets.

I also asked why the weather barrier part of study was taken out of the report and why the council can’t see the draft of a report they commissioned and taxpayers paid for.

I guess we will find out more on January 16th, hopefully.


#1 observer on 01.10.18 at 4:43 pm

i think we all know who ordered those things be installed and i think we all know why. i can hear it all “we’re going to get this done on time and under budget. we’ll deal with the siding issue later. besides no one will even care about it when we have our shiny new events center open.” as far as the lying, it reminds me of this:

#2 Emoluments Clause on 01.10.18 at 5:09 pm

They should convene a panel to look into this further. To make sure there are no kinks in the findings:

#3 The D@ily Spin on 01.10.18 at 5:59 pm

Not taking the responsibility is characteristic for the cowardly mayor. He would not have gotten away with the engineering substitution without Strong Mayor Charter.

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