UPDATE: Washington Pavilion delaying Annual Report AGAIN

UPDATE: Apparently the city received the 2017 financial report from the Pavilion a couple of weeks ago. So they must of had their annual meeting without little fanfare.

DOC: WP-2017-FS

As you can see they are up $490K from the year before. What I found interesting was that ticket sales were up $1.2 million from the year before, but expenses were up $1.1 million.

Well, you have to give them credit, they are staying consistent with last year.

But what makes the delay interesting is that there is a new sheriff at city hall. Mayor TenHaken is probably eye balls deep (or at least his COS is) in budget meetings. So how can you justify the yearly subsidy to the Pavilion and all the extra goodies they get from the entertainment tax when you have no idea how did last year?

Well the rumors are out there. I guess due to good ticket sales and fundraising they are up almost $500K. Maybe they are keeping that under wraps from the public so they keep their yearly subsidy? Not sure?

It would be wise for Mayor TenHaken to pressure the Pavilion to release that annual report before the budget hearings start. In other words RIGHT NOW.


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#2 D@ily Spin on 06.19.18 at 10:31 am

Nothing unusual here. Since Munson, the Pavilion has been mismanaged and a drain on the budget. Perhaps it’s finally in the black but can it remain so. I still say it would have been a good city hall. The old one and Carnegie could have been demolished and the land sold for private development with budget gain and valuable property tax revenue.

#3 35agram on 06.19.18 at 7:03 pm

The pavilion isn’t the only department to do this over the years.

Some departments didn’t even release annual reports some years.

Some you can no longer find online.

#4 i12doit on 06.20.18 at 6:46 am

No reason to produce it if there are no consequences.

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