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#1 Hope a Dem runs for GOV in '22 on 11.03.18 at 5:20 pm

Yep, ever since the Clinton impeachment trial, I feel as though this entire country is slowly going to hell in a handbasket and that sanity has become a lost civil art.

Imagine being a fortune teller and predicting in the middle 1990s, that over the course of the next twenty plus years, we would first experience the second longest economic upturn in American history, then the first impeachment trial of a president in over a 130 years, to then be followed by domestic terrorist attacks that would topple the World Trade Towers and damage the Pentagon, and cause the longest continual war in American history with the help of a lie, (Which is not impeachable, the lie that is, although a stain on a GAP dress would suffice for impeachment), then the election of two presidents who would win the electoral college without a plurality or majority of the vote, then a recession, or “Great Recession,” which would only be out flanked by the Great Depression in its severity, and then the election of the first black president, who would give us hope, but was then followed into office by a bona fide racist, whose election was helped by “Ruskies.”

What I am afraid we are experiencing as Americans is not an evolution of our political sophistication, but rather a devolution of who and what we are; and the age of Trump symbolizes this reality or devolution better than anything, while Obama was merely a peaceful moment of hope, or the peaceful eye of an evolving or continual storm.

In the movie “Back to the Future,” Dr. Brown makes light of the thought of an actor, Ronald Reagan, as our President, then he wonders if Jack Benny is our Secretary of the Treasury; and when we saw that scene in the mid 1980s at our local theaters, we all laughed because we thought it could not get any worse than that; but it has, and the politics of Trump, or his age, signifies how tragic our existence has become, where a reality president (a reality, or term, that back in the 1990s we could not even surmise) leads us to a new reality today where millions of Americans are led or fooled by a ‘Tweet’ (which is an other reality that some twenty years ago could not be surmised) and through this ‘Tweet,’ or ‘Tweets,’ the art of lying as become better known as “alternative facts” (I am surprised Orwell didn’t coin that one….).

So as we compare Trump to the character that Chris Farley once played, we are reminiscing about an earlier time, a more innocent time, when our institutions, our faith in them, and a fundamental respect for the truth was held up as we laughed at the hysteria of Farleys character, knowing that most in the real world were not like that; but today, unfortunately, the “reality” has made such a Farley character not only real, but also a new or orchestrated reality which we are all forced to live in way too often today in a world that has become less sane, less civil, and unfortunately continues not only on the battle fields, but also within the institutions which we depend upon, that are deteriorating as we speak thanks to the leadership of such preposterous ideas, or true reality, as to image Donald Trump as our president (And he is not even a “B” actor (Who’s our Treasury Secretary? (What’s a ‘Mnuchin?’)))…. Where he has created a new reality, that far too many have bought into, while the rest us are forced to live in it, as we slowly move closer to the river whether we like it or not…. (Or is that the “river bottom?” 😉 )…..

#2 Blasphemo on 11.04.18 at 7:32 am

Nicely said, “Hope A Dem Runs”. So reassuring to hear new voices sharing guides to straight thinking. If only the unwashed masses will listen. . . if it’s not already too late.

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