Sioux Falls City Council Agenda, Monday Nov 5, 2018

The SFCC will meet again on a Monday instead of Tuesday next week.

City Council Informational Meeting • 4 PM • 11/5/2018

Lots of interesting presentations without any SIRE docs or attachments at the present time. I guess they want it to feel like Christmas morning Monday afternoon.

Presentations include;

• Update on Cascade Project (who cares)

• Levitt Shell update

• Population projections (this should be good, wonder if they will bring back ol’ bowl cut to inflate them?)

• Legislative priorities (what kind of anti-citizen legislative have they cooked up this time?)

City Council Regular Meeting • 7 PM • 11/5/2018

Some more Siouxper Hero awards.

Planning Academy Graduates (wonder if they will all get a Sanford or Lloyd shirt?)

Item#1, Approval of contracts;

Apparently it costs $32K to fill a couple holes at the Pavilion. Could have given me $500 and a few sheets of sub flooring and call it good. Oh and BTW, the $32K is for ‘design and engineering’ of filling the holes. It will cost more to do that.

Items #25-26, 2nd Reading. Both controversial zoning items in which the neighbors oppose. Both have apparent drainage issues, and one they want the building turned around. I expect a lot of testimony on these and probably some yipping back and forth between councilors on allowing enough public input. As I have said, they could solve all of this by making it unlimited as long as they are NOT repeating themselves, saying what others have said or being offensive. Works for the MCC. I think both will pass, but I do expect some votes of dissent on them. So I guess Mickelson will get his apartment building, but probably not his tobacco tax.

Item #34, 1st Reading, Woot! Woot! An extra million left over for streets!

Item #35, 1st Reading, There the SFCC goes again, taking care of the important business, gas fire pits Downtown!

Items #36-37, 1st Readings, more naming rights to the indoor pool. Ironically one is sponsoring greasy pizza, the other healthcare. LOL. Maybe the place will eventually break even.

Item #40, Resolution, Union Agreement with the SF Firefighters. (Summary Report: Summary-union-agree)

I found it interesting that if a FF performs ALS they get an extra $1 an hour;

While I don’t have an issue with that, I find it interesting that we don’t just pursue a public ambulance service where the taxpayers of SF would get some kind of reimbursement instead consistently subsidizing a private ambulance company. If we are showing up FIRST and provide life saving care, we might as well just haul the patient to the hospital. It’s insane that we are now subsidizing a private company because we can’t depend on them to show up in time.

SF Planning Commission • 6 PM • WED 11/7/2018

There is only one item that planning staff made NO recommendation, a Casino next to Wells Fargo on 26th & Minnesota (Item#6) it may have something to do with the plans being written on a bar napkin?

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#1 The Guy from Guernsey on 11.04.18 at 10:05 pm

A medical spa placed at the southern edge of the Taupe Housing Society of Conformity? Is this the new direction of the oriental massage business?

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