South DaCola Election Predictions

I’m probably completely off on my predictions but here’s my best shot;

District 13 House

Peterson & Sullivan

District 9 House

SABA and Peters

Minnehaha County Commission

Heiberger, Barth and Gronoli

Attorney General

Seiler (While there hasn’t been any polling on this, I think it will be a close race. With all of the experience that Seiler has, I just don’t see how Jason can beat him).

US Congress



Tie (I know that is cop out, but I’m having trouble calling this one. A few days ago I would have given it to Noem, but I just think it is too close to call).

Amendments and Initiatives

‘W’ Passes, all others fail (but I think all of the measures will be very close)


#1 Record Taco on 11.06.18 at 10:59 am

I heard a rumor from a good old Democrat, who use to be in the thick of things, that internally Seiler is doing better than Sutton… If true, that’s a new one…. Only in ’36 did the SD Democratic AG candidate win without the SD Democratic gubernatorial nominee winning, or do better than the gubernatorial nominee…. I guess we’ll see…

Legislature in Minnehaha: Democratic wins will be Scott Petersen (12) and Sheryl Johnson (11). (And Ahlers in 25 too. He’s an incumbent)

Opie will be our next congressman.

Governor: I feel as though the Sutton momentum has stopped in the last week. I think its actually his to lose and had the election been held earlier in the fall, he would have won, but the growing closest favors Noem, I am afraid….. There is a blue wave to some degree in SD, but there is also a massive red wall in this state….

County Commission: Two Republicans and a Democrat…(“walked into a bar…..”)

#2 moses on 11.06.18 at 12:49 pm

they go by the r not if the canidate is good enough.

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