Miss SD 2018 teaches the poorest kids in SF about Capitalism

Stories like this just melt your heart;

Wintle wrote this children’s book titled “Mr. Money $heep.” The woman who grew up on a farm near Huron travels the state introducing kids to finances.

While I think it is a very good idea to teach kids about finances at an early age, isn’t it ironic that she calls her book ‘Mr. Money Sheep’ (keep your nose to grind and do as your master tells you, and if you save, save, save, maybe by the time you are 60 or 70 you will own your own home and first new car). I also find it a little disturbing she chose the lowest income school in Sioux Falls to do her presentation. Shouldn’t all kids learn about finances?

It’s hard to teach kids about saving money when they don’t have any money to save.

I think I am going to write a book called ‘Mr. Money Wolf’. It’s about all the corporate welfare recipients in our state that continue to keep wages low, higher education expensive, and worker’s rights in the toilet. Like I said above, it’s impossible to save money when you don’t have any to begin with.


#1 Taco Bar on 12.01.18 at 8:16 pm

A co-worker of mine about 11 years ago, who moved here from Minnesota, said to me once, “Boy, they have figured it out here to give you just enough money to survive, haven’t they? By the time you pay your rent, gas, utilities, insurance, and food there really isn’t anything left.”

It was at that moment, that I began to think about the potential reality of wage collusion and began to notice how so many people seem to just exist. Some may not be in a debt trap, but many are in a trap of just pure and limited existence. Freedom is to them an intangible right, where failure is the only exit and success is unattainable.

A few years ago, our former mayor lectured a bunch of immigrants at an once coffee shop here in town about how they should not wait for their dream job, rather they should take any job and make it work. But it is hard to make it work, when its opportunity is limited.

Plus, regardless of the micro moral which any politician can preach to their constituents about taking the world on and not complaining about their current situation, it is not the duty or responsibility of a political leader to be an enabler to that micro existence. Rather, it is a political leader’s duty to work in a macro sense to make life better for us all through their political advocacies and policies. Only when we have local politicians who complain of the wages in this town instead of being stool pigeons for the affluent in this town and their trickle-down economic development claims, will things ever begin to change in this town. Fore, only when the tale of two cities becomes one, will the people finally have won.


#2 l3wis on 12.01.18 at 9:17 pm

Walking Taco, Bruce wasn’t too far off the path with his Ayn Rand Rant, was he?

#3 Taco Bar on 12.02.18 at 9:21 pm

No, he wasn’t…….. But ‘Walking Taco?’ Really? You don’t know how much I hate walking tacos. The late Anthony Bourdain was absolutely right about them…I mean Frito Pies:


#4 Taco Bar on 12.02.18 at 9:33 pm

I am sorry, but here is some more about “Walking Tacos.” When you look into a WT and see the reverse aluminium foil inners of the Frito bag coalescing a mixture of lettuce, meat, cheese, and sauce, it is as if you are looking into the leftover food remnants from a recent drained dish wash that are caught above the drain of a stainless steel kitchen sink…… In fact, it’s worse than wage collusion….

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