Noem’s shallow money argument

While Donita ‘Noem’ Trump used the money argument on presumptive probation, I think that same argument is shallow when it comes to Hemp and Spanish DL tests.

The reason presumptive probation came about in the first place was to save taxpayers money in incarceration AND that treatment for drug addiction works better out of jail.

Noem tries to use the same arguments when it comes to industrial hemp and Spanish DL tests.

Noem claims that enforcement and regulation will cost millions when it comes to industrial hemp. As for regulation, licensing fees will cover those costs. In other words, producers of hemp will have to pay the appropriate fees to the state when it comes to regulating the crop. They know that, and expect it. As for enforcement, I guess I’m confused by this. When was the last time a law enforcement officer in South Dakota had to get involved with a farmer’s corn crop? It is a ridiculous notion. As we all know, industrial hemp doesn’t contain enough THC to get anyone high and secondly, recreational marijuana is grown in controlled green house environments, at least the good stuff is. If hidden in an industrial hemp field it would be poor quality and get overgrown by the industrial hemp. Also, if a farmer is growing industrial hemp for a profitable rotational crop why would they risk their livelihood on growing and selling something illegal? They wouldn’t. Noem needs to put her 4-Square Bible away and look at the facts. Industrial Hemp will make the state millions, not only privately but in tax revenue. It also has the potential to create tons of growth industries RIGHT HERE! I could imagine POET some day experimenting in making bio-fuels from it. The possibilities are endless, and so are Noem’s excuses.

When it comes to Spanish DL tests, I take issue with the ‘printing’ costs. As a person who has worked in the printing and communications industry for over 25 years, she has no idea what she is talking about.

First off, if technology is used properly, there wouldn’t be any printing costs at all, for any language. Many tech companies, including Google have FREE software out there that can translate.

Secondly, even if a written test has to be given, you don’t have to print that in advance. You could give the DMV’s Adobe Acrobat files (PDFs) that could be printed out at the locations upon request, ANY language. I doubt many would have to be printed except in more populated areas.

And lastly, I will agree with Noem on one level, when you come to this country, and you want to work and raise your family here, you need to make an effort to learn our main language. Many of those opportunities are available for free. But I will also say, having foreign language speakers of any country having a legal DL and insurance is beneficial to all of us. Because we all know that right now, they are probably driving illegally. Which costs the rest of us law abiding citizens way more then pooping out a couple of tests on a copier at the DMV.

Once again Noem, Grow a Brain.

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#1 D@ily Spin on 03.01.19 at 1:08 pm

Hemp is an agricultural product (without THC) the state must endorse. Kentucky made it a replacement for diminished tobacco demand. There’s not only a market it’s a rotational crop that restores soil nutrients. Drivers license tests are COMPUTERIZED. There’s no printing cost. Noem should come out of her antiquated shell and racist persuasion.

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