Sioux Falls School Board Member votes ‘NO’

While watching Monday’s SF School Board meeting I just about fell out of my chair. Member Reiter actually voted against the Dual Immersion program because she felt it needed more studying before implementing it. If you think the SF City Council is a bunch of rubber stampers, you should see the school board. They vote consistently YES on everything. And if there is any NO votes it is usually just one member, so it really doesn’t matter. There is also very little dissent in the discussion. Councilor Rick Kiley would fit right in because everything is always rosy and great.

The public testimony on dual immersion was also interesting. A mother of Hispanic decent who had kids in the school district felt it was an important program to implement so her children (I assume who were born in America and speak English) could speak better Spanish. She told the board that while she could try to teach her children the language she felt she didn’t have the professional experience as a Spanish teacher would to teach them properly. An argument I wasn’t expecting.

Several parents spoke, but nobody talked about the advantage of Hispanic kids learning English. Go figure. I actually think the dual immersion program should be Spanish and Mandarin.

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#1 Wirelessly Irradiated on 03.28.19 at 8:49 pm

“Dual” unless they were “dueling” it out on whether to have dual immersion.

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