Stehly responds to ED Board

I couldn’t have said it better myself, and for the record I never saw this response until I read it online a few minutes ago. I know some people think that I ‘feed’ Theresa stuff, but I have often contended she is her own person;

I will continue to make decisions and take actions to support, inform and protect the citizens I am pledged to represent.  I refuse to go along to get along as the Editorial Board suggests. I will continue to promote constituent concerns while reaching out to help the taxpayers. They are the boss and taxpayer revenues are theirs. I will strive to make prudent, informed decisions, even if my colleagues don’t agree with me.

Yes Theresa, unfortunately it’s all about the Reindeer Games in Sioux Falls.


#1 Matthew Paulson on 05.07.19 at 7:29 pm

If Councilor Stehly was so concerned about informing the public about local issues, you would think she would want everyone to read her Facebook posts (and not just the citizens that agree with her opinions).

I recently learned it is illegal for public officials to block critics on Facebook, but Councior Stehly has blocked multiple people from accessing her Facebook page (including myself) that disagree with her tactics and opinions.

#2 l3wis on 05.07.19 at 9:21 pm

MP, TY for linking this, I remember hearing about this case. I would agree, and I have told her NOT to block people on FB and have suggested she NOT post on FB and instead have her own blog where she can moderate comments like I do. But like I said above, Theresa does what she wants to.

Are you going to file a suit against her?

#3 Matthew Paulson on 05.07.19 at 9:30 pm

I don’t care enough to file an ethics complaint or suit against her about it. Just thought it was interesting when I came across that article today.

I do agree that personal Facebook accounts are a terrible place for city councilors to talk politics though. At least make a Facebook Page that you can moderate and is separate from your personal stuff on FB. Maybe you can help Theresa set one up if she’s interested in doing that.

#4 l3wis on 05.07.19 at 9:35 pm

MP, I suggested to show her how easy WordPress is and how great it would be for her to moderate comments, or have not comments. But like a tween at her 4-H rabbit show, she likes the likes on FB.

#5 Briggs Warren on 05.07.19 at 9:36 pm

Hey MP, I’ve been blocked by many SDGOP elected officials after calling them out.

Maybe we could get a group rate with a lawyer?

#6 l3wis on 05.07.19 at 9:39 pm

What’s Shawn ‘The Tornado’ Tornow up to these days besides counting the moles on his face?

#7 Matthew Paulson on 05.07.19 at 9:42 pm

I’m sure lots of public officials block people on FB without realizing it’s legally problematic.

#8 Blasphemo on 05.07.19 at 10:20 pm

The recent issues concerning Stehly that have been included on the Argus Leader Media and/or Argus911 FB pages appear to be open to all Commenters. Just a handful of lowbrow/vulgar Comments against Stehly there. Nearly all Comments thon those pages are in support of her. If Stehly has blocked anyone desperate to trash talk her on her own FB page, there are other FB pages to haunt. Virtually none seem to be doing so.

#9 Bruce on 05.07.19 at 10:27 pm

As a know anti-Facebook game person I felt you should read the case a bit closer. Theresa’s Facebook page is not her OFFICIAL Facebook page. The page is not setup and operated by the city of Sioux Falls for her use.

To be very clear, the city of Sioux Falls did not provide her with the account, it is her personal account to use as she chooses and share with who she chooses.

“On Monday, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the interactive portion of a public official’s Facebook page is a “public forum,” so an official cannot block people from it because of the opinions they hold.”

#10 D@ily Spin on 05.08.19 at 7:13 am

The answer to the Facebook problem is to close your account. It’s nothing but a place for mining information to use against someone. Police check it first before other sources.

#11 Blasphemo on 05.08.19 at 11:34 am

If a city councilor is to be criticized for using a personal Facebook page to communicate with constituents about public issues because “…Facebook accounts are a terrible place for city councilors to talk politics…”, then PTH ought be similarly admonished. From the PTH FB page: “Paul currently serves as the mayor of Sioux Falls, SD, overseeing a $500mm budget, 1,300 employees, 190,000 residents, and leading all strategic initiatives for the city. Page not associated with the City of Sioux Falls.” On his FB page, PTH combines Christian-themed images with self-shot City Hall update videos, his own posts about new municipal initiatives, shares of Argus article links pertaining to his agendas, etc. And, there are reports PTH has threatened to block people from his FB page and may have indeed done so. I have no personal issues with any of that. However, the PTH cult of personality should be looking at their own messiah with the same critical eye they examine his challengers.

#12 Jay Manly on 05.08.19 at 1:29 pm

The main problem with Theresa is that outside her “bubble” of syncophants is that she comes across as “sketchy” and “nutty”. Not saying she is. Just regurgitating what I hear. A lot of voters think she’s nuts. Hard truth.

#13 l3wis on 05.08.19 at 3:07 pm

Jay, when I hear people say that, I often ask them, “Then why does she win on the issues she supports”?

Open meetings

If voters think she is nuts, they must be just as nuts to continue to support her. The ‘crazy’ argument is getting old.

#14 Theresa stehly on 05.08.19 at 3:26 pm

Jay Manly, I doubt the many average citizens who reach out to me on a regular basis for advocacy would consider my assistance”nutty”. I also have been in this arena long enough to know that you can’t please everyone. You must be true to God and your own convictions. AMEN

#15 LJL on 05.09.19 at 8:14 pm

OH MY…. A city councilor mentions being guided by god. I can hear the crazies sharpening their pitchforks.

#16 Dennis Olson on 05.10.19 at 10:07 am

Stehly, you state above that we need to be true to God and convictions. I thought you said in other places that the citizens are the final authority. Should we be true to your “average citizens” or true to your “god?” What does god have to do with potholes and parks?

I think Jay is correct about peoples’ perceptions of the councilor. Are there citizens that support her? Absolutely. There is also opposition to her. It all depends who you speak with and according to this blog the average citizens are in her corner. It all depends how you define average citizen.

#17 Theresa stehly on 05.10.19 at 11:46 am

Dennis Olson, staying true to my own convictions plays out as service to my fellow human being . I will strive for that priority in my life whether I am elected or in the private sector. I have never tried to hide my faith. Never.

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