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Poetry Club w/Charles Luden

I wanted to be sure to send out a message on 10-10-10.

This date seems so whole, so mystical.

Sort of like all my friends.

Charles Luden
at Black Sheep Coffee

“Common sense is genius with its work clothes on.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Six Things to do in 2010 (The Hightower Report, Vol. 11 No. 12)

• Start considering what’s reasonable for you (Choose an issue that interests you and get involved when you have time)

• Inform yourself

• Democracy belongs to those who show up (Join others that reflect your views at local meetings and coffeehouses)

• A community is more than a collection of issues and endless meetings (Get to know each other by combining the serious with the social)

• Become the media (That’s what I try to do. Start a blog or a newsletter)

• Hold your own “what to do” sessions in your community.