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NEW South DaCola Advertiser

Please click on the ad of our NEW advertiser, Last Stop Online in the top right hand corner. Last Stop has been selling gently used music, books, videos, etc for years in Sioux Falls, and now they are offering there inventory for online sale. If you do not live in Sioux Falls and are not familiar with them, they have been Sioux Falls’  PREMIER second-hand retailer for years. Order online today!

I need Advertising Representatives, kinda

Okay, I want to make this as simple as possible. And I want YOU to make money also, in fact, I want you to make as much as me.

Let’s lay down the facts, South DaCola is read by over 10,000 (individual) readers a day with up to 40,000 hits a day. It has traffic, and has advertising appeal.

The problem? I’m not a salesman. Sure I can sell a hamburger and a beer, but when it comes to something as touchy as politics, I couldn’t sell you a free toothpick.

So I am putting a challenge out there. You send me advertisers, I will give you a 50% commission. On top of that, I will do the design work and the leg work.

I have pretty slack terms, I will negotiate any advertiser’s rate and they don’t have to sign any contracts. You can advertise as long as you want. Don’t care. As long as you pay me via check, money-order or PayPal, we are good to go.

If you want to help me sell advertising for South DaCola, or are interested in advertising on one of Sioux Falls’ top read daily websites. Drop me a line, fb.art@sio.midco.net

Jay's Budget Video – FOR HIRE

Jay does budget video for websites, etc. Sample above, and another one here.

Jay K.

Cell: 201-4981

Billboard fee increase would hurt tourism?



When I thought of this toon today, I somehow feel that I subconsciously have seen something similiar before. I think a cartoonist drew one like this when the big debate about the billboards being put up by the cemetary came up a few years ago in the Black Hills. So if it is true, someone point it out and I will credit the artist.