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Charles Luden, Self-Examination


Photo, 1979 by Mike Greenlee


The danger of self examination is that you may find something even if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  So I decided to stop looking and just do stuff.  I’ve always been good at entertaining myself.  Each day I get up, feed the birds, then have a waffle covered with plum or blackberry jelly for breakfast.   After I clear the table I place a blank sheet of drawing paper in the center.  I stare at it for several minutes imagining a fantastic painting I would like to create.  If this goes on for 20 minutes or more, I’ll take out my notebook and write a poem about this fantastic imaginary art piece.  
Charles Luden
March 1, 2015

Here, Kitty-Kitty

My friends in rural Colorado shared this on FB yesterday. They took it from their house window.

Kinda cute.


Music Club with Leon Bridges

Here’s kicking some old Motown soul.

YouTube Preview Image

Poetry Club w/Charles Luden

Luden riding the pine in ’79
My  History  in  Medicine 
I can supply pretend medications
for your pretend maladies 
if you pay me pretend money.
I’m a pretend doctor.
             Charles Luden
             at Black Sheep

An Email from Charles Luden


I peeled these possible poetry book titles from my current notebook.  Probably won’t use them, but I enjoy thinking them up. 

Dogs in Pajamas

The Girl with Big Fingers
Space Rabbit
Dangerous Poems Ahead
Spark Driven Platypus
Sneezing in the Falling Snow
Truncated Metaphor
The Sons of Angela
Turd Ape
Penguination: The Art of Becoming a Penguin
A Tight Group of Colored Dots
Charles Luden

St. Paul & the Broken Bones (w/a little Luden Photography)

YouTube Preview Image

Charles Luden took these photos in Canton, SD in the 1970’s



T-shirt idea

Thinking about giving out t-shirts with PayPal donations to my site. They are also good for getting you a FREE parking spot at the Events Center ;)


Cool South Dakota Photography


“Celestial” © Aaron J. Groen – HomeGroen PhotographyPrints – www.HomeGroenPhotography.com

Photo Club w/Charles Luden

My poet & photographer friend, and all around artist sent me these photos today he took in San Francisco in 1976 when he visiting there (he previously lived there 1971-72).

San Francisco still remains my favorite city in the United States to visit.

San Francisco 1976

San Francisco 76



A Shooting Star – Raybo

Raybo at Michelle's

My Heros are artists.

I don’t take that statement lightly. They are usually artists I know that influence me. I love them more then you will ever know.

Last Saturday an artist died, that I knew, more then he knew.

Raymond Novak Jr., a fellow Czech, more like a Bohemian, embodied art. A poet, a writer, a musician, an actor and a painter.

Tonight there is a memorial of sorts at the Top Hat in Downtown Sioux Falls honoring this man, please come. Learn.

Towards the end of this video you hear his good friend Martin Dill talk about this great guy, a shooting star.

YouTube Preview Image

So I guess it is story time, Ray used to live next door to me in this apartment building, and I started getting a lot of calls from friends for him, at first I didn’t understand it, but one day I just started getting him when calls came in. So I asked him, “Why are people calling me for you?” And Ray said, “I give people your number for mine.” and I said, “Why?” and Ray, oh Ray, says, “Because I don’t have a phone and you do.”

That was Ray.