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Charles Luden on KSOO AM 1000, Friday (10/20/17) 4:15

My poet friend Charles Luden will be on Pat’s show. Charles’ poetry is a regular on my blog. It should be an interesting interview. Chuck has lived most of his life in Sioux Falls and has a great historical background of the city. Chuck was a drummer in several bands since the 70’s and has published several poetry books.

Art Exhibit – October

I will be showing several of my paintings in Worthington, MN at Minnesota West College in the lobby of the arts center through the month of October.

My reception is Wednesday, Oct 11, at 11 AM.

Poetry Club w/Charles Luden

Imaginary Diary Entry Thursday  

Some of the old guys here are younger than me.

My shirt is unbuttoned.

I’m hot or nervous.

It’s not the weather.

It’s not you either.

Who are you?

I’m ordering another cup of coffee.

It’ll make my arms feel better.

Charles Luden • 9-14-17 at Dunn Bros Coffee

Touch of Europe book available

The Touch of Europe book is finally printed. I printed only 50 copies for first edition (I will number and sign) I may add pages for future printings. I don’t want to make this too complicated by running all over town to get you a book, so we are going to do this by snail mail. They will be $11 + $1 for shipping and handling. Just message me on FB or email me at fb.art@sio.midco.net with shipping/payment details if interested and I will get you my address. Thanks!

Mayor signed off on ‘Temporary’ Easement in October 2016 for Arc of Dreams

So I have been asking, but for some reason NO ONE would answer the direct question, “Who initially signed off on Arc of Dreams?”

I will say it again, I support the project, and by NO MEANS do I have a problem with Huether signing off on a temporary easement. So why all the secrecy? Why not just say that the mayor signed off on a temp easement? Even the email I got from a city director didn’t outline this.

I don’t know why this administration HATES transparency so much. This is Item#58, Resolution.

FULL DOC: temp-ease

UPDATE: Sioux Falls City Council will approve easement for Arc of Dreams ‘SOON’

I asked the city council on Tuesday night if there have been any permits approved for Arc of Dreams. After not hearing anything, I emailed them tonight the same question. One of the councilors responded that the council will be presented a public right of way easement soon to approve. Good to hear.

UPDATE: I also got this response from the city;

Mr. Ehrisman,

Thank you for your recent inquiry about the “Arc of Dreams” sculpture permitting process.  No permits have been issued at this time.

In your email, you were correct in that the sculpture is on private property and over public property. Therefore, a grant of easement by the City of Sioux Falls for the “Arc of Dreams” sculpture is currently in process.  The City Attorneys Office has drafted a resolution and associated easement documents for the “Arc of Dreams” sculpture.

On August 15, 2017, the “Arc of Dreams” sculpture was reviewed and recommended for placement approval during public meetings by both the Visual Arts Commission and the Parks and Recreation Board.  The proposed resolution is scheduled for public hearing consideration at the City Council’s regular Tuesday, September 19, 2017, meeting.  Pending adoption of the resolution, and receipt of project plan submittals for City review, then appropriate City permits will be determined and required.

It is anticipated that site construction will begin this fall, with sculpture installation completed by August 2018.  Associated installation and maintenance costs for this sculpture will be the responsibility of SculptureWalk, and not the City of Sioux Falls.

I hope this information helps with your inquiry.

Russ Sorenson• 9-08-2017

Urban Planner • City Of Sioux Falls

Sorry, but I still struggle with the concept that the fine individuals who run the very successful SculptureWalk program for our city would commission a now $1.6 million dollar sculpture before having at least a conditional or preliminary permit or permission from the city. Someone signed off on this a long time ago and now they are just going through the motions.

It reminds of the guy I saw once at the Board of Adjustments, he was requesting to build a bigger garage. His reasoning? Because his new truck didn’t fit in the old garage. He was denied.


I found this interesting that this is going thru the city as an RFP. Or maybe this is how this has always been done?

A question that I was asked recently was if the Kirby family is still sponsoring the Kirby Science Center or if that was a one time gift? I have NO idea.

Also two long time directors have ‘LEFT’.

Darrin Smith seems to be shaking things up at the Pavilion and spending a lot of money. Not sure if this is a good thing or not?

Touch of Europe Photo Book

This is a book I put together of mostly my photos I took of the Touch of Europe over the years. I haven’t printed any copies yet, but if you would like a copy of the 1st Edition let me know, I would like to print 50 copies and would sell between $10-15 each. I would like to add more photos for the 2nd edition. So if you like to add your photos OR would like a copy, let me know.



Who authorized the Arc of Dreams placement?

I still can’t figure out who approved the placement of Arc of Dreams? The city council surely hasn’t.

I ask this question now because the piece is almost completed and $1 million in private money has been raised for it.

Some important questions to ask;

Will it be placed on private property (Raven and Cherapa) or city property?

Was there approval from CORP of Engineers since it goes over the river?

Depending on where it is placed (let’s assume city property) who will be paying for it’s maintenance? A large sculpture like this will need regular maintenance.

I have some of these questions into the city council. We will see what answers we get. There just seems to be a lot secrecy surrounding the project.

Did we miss a BIGGER opportunity with Arc of Dreams?

First off, I’m not one to tell rich peeps how to spend their money. If they want to give to charity, I think that is great. I’m also one to NOT discourage giving money towards public art projects.

It seems lately though that people are questioning the whole point of ‘Arc of Dreams’ and mainly it’s location.

No criticism towards the artist, he does large, beautiful pieces across our state, including Dignity in Chamberlain. It’s his life and living. Also, no criticism towards those willing to help pay for this large scale commission . . .  but . . . does it seem a bit shortsighted and lacking the vision of the whole picture of downtown’s artistic image?

Instead putting all of our eggs in one basket in one (overcrowded) area, why not spread the wealth around?

One of the main arguments made to put ‘Arc of Dreams’ downtown was for a needed tourist attraction Downtown. Nevermind SculptureWalk, a replica of David, oh and that little cute waterfall at Falls Park.

But if we really wanted to bring ‘tourism’ downtown, why not invest that cool million used for ONE public art project to fund several projects that would be a combination public art/infrastructure?

During the downtown design meeting I attended one of the concerns people had about downtown was the dead zones, areas along Phillips Avenue and various side streets that have areas that have really nothing to look at while walking around downtown.

So what could WE have done with that million besides just building one large project?

First of all, I would use only local contractors and artists for these projects. Economic development starts at home.

Here is a brief list of what we could have done;

At approximately $20K  a piece we could have erected 50 permanent sculptures downtown in these dead zones. We could have also spent approximately $50K a pop for  20 mini gardens/parks/benches in these areas. And if we really wanted to get a bang for our buck we could have commissioned 200 murals at $5K a piece to help beautify some of those drab building walls downtown.

There is probably a whole host of other things we could have spent the million on that would have really boosted visitors to our downtown.

Let me hear your ideas!

Do we need to change the Business Makeup of Downtown Sioux Falls to make it more tourist friendly?

I’ve been having a little fun on Facebook over this story about boutiques in DTSF. (Stormland TV deleted my FB comment, but it still remains on my FB page);

LOL. I Often joke with my fellow downtowners that I will soon be opening a women’s boutique DT that has clothing, cupcakes, craft beer bar and fudge shop. Yes, there are too many women’s boutiques DT. More bars and restaurants and entertainment options, your dress shops are wasting valuable space DT, go away.

To tell you the truth, I could care less how many women’s clothing stores are DT. But I also feel that the makeup of DT needs to be tweaked going forward. I like to use Fort Collins, CO as a great example of an amazing DT area. I have visited twice over the past 6 years. I love it. It is very comparable to Sioux Falls because of population and a midwestern feel. While the footprint is bigger, the parking situation, walkability and structures are very similar.

What makes their DT flourish, I believe, is the high concentration of eateries, art galleries and misc, interesting retail.

Fort Collins Downtown Business Members (Breakdown)

Restaurants, Bars, Delis, etc. – 61

Variety, Giftshops, Retail, Jewelry, etc. – 52

Art Galleries – Private & Non Profit – 22

Banks, Real Estate, Law, Insurance, etc. – 30

Medical Clinics, etc. – 13

Business Services, Spas, Etc. – 37

Clothing Stores – 13

Lodging – 2

Funeral Home – 1

Auto Repair and Dealerships – 3

Government related – 12

Churches – 2

(Not on the membership list is dozens of marijuana shops)

Besides the fact they are a brewery haven, have a large college and they have FREE pedicabs, they embrace what brings people DT, especially tourists; unique shops, great food and drink and art galleries. Do you know how many art galleries are DTSF? Approximately four, if you include 8th and Railroad. One of them is the Pavilion, which charges an admission even though it gets government subsidies. One of the stupidest things was for the Pavilion to start charging admission to the VAC.

DTSF needs to start researching and implementing the Ft. Collins model, or we can keep opening dress and cupcake shops.