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The Planned Conversion of the Former Horse Barn Arts Center at Falls Park is (literally) BS!

As the Sioux Falls Business Journal reports, they are looking at converting the once FREE arts center (not just to the public, but to the artists that displayed there) to an admission charge to see a museum dedicated to agriculture and the stockyard history.

First off, not opposed to museums about farms and killing cattle, but since they are already planning a ‘Stockyard Park’ next to JM’s, why not have the museum over there instead of in Falls Park? Seems like an ‘ODD’ location to have an ag museum that is surrounded by public art and the beautiful falls.

My bigger complaint is that there is NO reason why the Horse Barn could not be utilized AGAIN as a local and regional art museum that is FREE to the public. It was unfortunate that it was closed down and the Sioux Empire Arts Council was killed.

But hey, the past is the past. Moving forward, let’s return the Horse Barn to an arts center again, with visual art displays, poetry readings, concerts and even plays (I think a group of quilters met there also). We could also have the Sioux Falls Arts Council take it over again, or any other number of great arts organizations in Sioux Falls like JAM or DAPA, even an artist union of sorts could operate the facility.

It would be a much more appropriate use of the space then a museum about cows and what they taste like.

Good bye to Jay Kirschenmann


Longtime Argus Leader Media employee Jay Kirschenmann called it quits on Friday to pursue a business with his wife in Branson, MO.

I have probably known Jay longer then any other Argus employee besides his Lalleyness.

I first met Jay when he was the Arts & Entertainment writer for the Argus. Jay and I have participated in art shows together (Sioux Falls Cartoonists) and Jay even played his guitar at one of my art openings.

I can’t say our aquaintance has always been easy (I can say that about most Argus reporters) but we have endured and shared many great conversations about the art scene in Sioux Falls, in which he has ALWAYS been a fervent supporter.

I will give credit to Jay for one thing, he is leaving his job on a ‘High Note’ and that’s a good thing.

He will be missed.

Poet Chuck Luden sums up JazzFest


On the Edge of JazzFest

Hot wind
Hot pants
Hot microphone
Hot drums
Hot porta potty
Charles Luden • 7-17-15 • at Yankton Trail Park

Jesse & Brian kick out the Jams @ JazzFest


Stormland TV did a great story tonight about local musicians at JazzFest. Jesse has the best quotes;

“You can have a band, and you can practice all the time with that band, but you may never get good,” local guitarist Jesse Christen said. “Your main practice comes down to what you do at home and keeping your chops up.”

Looking forward to these two kick it once again on the main stage at JazzFest!

The return of $25 Dollar Paintings

FOR SALE, each are $25 + shipping (Free Delivery in Sioux Falls)

ALL have custom frames and are under glass.

‘Rome wasn’t built in a Day’ 4.75 x 10.75″

‘Sell Kids for Food?’ 7.75 x 9.25″

‘Robot Doors’ 9 x 9″

Click on images to enlarge

LR-ROME-WASNT-BUILT-IN-A-DAY-6-15-4.75X10.75 LR-SELL-KIDS-FOR-FOOD-6-15-7.75X9.25 LR-ROBOT-DOORS-7-15-9.125X9.125


Update on the Orgami Swan sculpture


A friend posted on FB today asking what happened to the sculpture. I explained that it has been removed and put in storage until another spot can be found. The land at that location has been purchased. Councilor Kenny Anderson was kind enough to also post this;

Scott is correct the display is in storage and the city is looking at repairs that need to be completed before selecting a new location. Damage is extensive from what I was told.

I wonder what damage it has? And if that was sustained during it’s removal or if it has hail damage? I hope it doesn’t stay in hiding for several years like the Statue of David.

Is it time for a graffiti alley in Sioux Falls?

With the recent arrest of a very talented (yet criminal) graffiti artist and the great success of Rapid City’s graffiti alley, is it time to do something similar in Downtown Sioux Falls?

I have often had long discussions with artist friends on how we could do guerilla art projects downtown without damaging property. I did the photos of sculpture walk sculptures with paper bags over their heads. I have also suggested just leaving random pieces of art at places (but that would be considered littering).

I think it is time DTSF explores their own graffiti alley, and I hope to bend the ear of the new DTSF director when he takes over this month about the idea.

The return of $25 Dollar Paintings

FOR SALE, each are $25 + shipping (Free Delivery in Sioux Falls)

ALL have custom frames and are under glass.

‘BLAT’ 6.5 x 8.5″
‘Pussy Takeover’ 7.125 x 7.125″
‘Love is a Bitch in Blue’ 7.25 x 8.25″

Click on images to enlarge










Music Club w/Lydia Loveless & Scott Hudson

YouTube Preview Image

As you know, Scott and I had a short-lived podcast. He is a monster music fan and helped with a Replacements documentary, and now he is assisting with one about Lydia Loveless. They have been filming and he has been posting some fantastic photos of this amazing song writer.

I texted him the other night, “I’m so jealous of you right now!”


20022_10153472564117125_5764458088083582361_n 11137181_10153470721242125_6615641462926959082_n



The return of $25 Dollar Paintings

FOR SALE, each are $25 + shipping (Free Delivery in Sioux Falls)
ALL have custom frames and are under glass.

‘A Rose for Every Occasion’ 6.25 x 8.25″

‘Crater Face’ 7.875 x 7.875″

‘Zoology’ 6 x 8″

‘Make Farts’ 6.375 x 6.375″

Click on images to enlarge



LR-CRATER-FACE-5-15-7.875X7.875LR-ZOOLOGY-5-15-6X8 LR-MAKE-FARTS-5-15-6.375X6.375