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I have been producing some new cool stuff, and it is time to clean the walls of some of my older pieces. No reasonable offer will be refused.

Contact me at: fb.art@sio.midco.net

‘Queen of Broken Hearts; Bettie Page’

Mixed media on masonite, custom frame. Approximately 12 x 36″



Where did I take this photo?

I will give you a clue, it was at night and it was DTSF.



I have been producing some new cool stuff, and it is time to clean the walls of some of my older pieces. No reasonable offer will be refused. Contact me at: fb.art@sio.midco.net ‘Presenting Bettie’ 16 x 20″ Mixed Media and Acrylics, No Frame



I have been producing some new cool stuff, and it is time to clean the walls of some of my older pieces. No reasonable offer will be refused.

Contact me at: fb.art@sio.midco.net

Paintings below:

1) Drug Policy (Acrylic on Canvas wrap)

2) Walking Past the Graveyard (Tom Waits series – Paper and mixed media on masonite)

3) Jelly Roll Morton, The father of Jazz (mixed media on canvas board)


Late Birthday Gift

This was on my doorstep this morning.

One of my snarky friends must have left it, without a card.

I know who you are . . . I think.


Welcome to Baghdad, South Dakota


Image Submitted to the Argus Leader

Looks a lot like this famous landmark


While I support public art, I wonder how much money the public will be ponying up for this project;

The Arc of Dreams will start fundraising with an initial goal of $650,000 that will allow Lamphere to start sculpting. An additional $300,000 will be needed for landscaping and foundation work.

300K for the foundation and landscaping. Get your wallets out tax payer of Sioux Falls, this is gonna cost you.

The city is purchasing art! Great! Wait . . .

I am all for the city buying public art to put on display in our city (Item #35) but two things concern me about this ‘purchase’ (See the details: DSPC-Sculp). First off, why isn’t the purchase of the sculpture coming from the EC budget?  (correction; it IS coming from the EC budget) And secondly why are we not using a local artist?

It also mentions that there will be two other sculptures placed at the site, gee, I wonder what one of them will be? The third one I suspect will be an abstract piece made from the removed bad siding . . . speaking of the siding.


Last night me and some other rabble rousers went to the EC to look at the siding, I will keep my opinion to myself at this point of the ‘work’ that was done and the materials that were used. How does that saying go? Putting a square peg into a round hole?

As we were there a construction manager chased us off telling us it was still a construction site. Actually it is public property and all the safety signs and fences have been taken down. Funny how when the mayor was running for office, anybody could come out and ‘inspect’ the EC, but now that our ‘inspections’ are causing a headache soon to be PR nightmare, we get chased away.

Poetry Club w/ Charles Luden


At  The  Next  Table

She’s fingering her hair,
but is it real
Just a minute I’ll ask her.
Damn, she slapped me.
What’s that mean?
I still like her.
She has passion,
and a purple blouse.
                         Charles Luden
                          at Black Sheep


Seven years ago


On June 4, 2007 the city council had a controversial item before them. (Video: FF: 9:00 – Public Input, Actual item #54 FF: 2:50 ) Whether or not to place a plaque on to the entry of Phillips to the Falls. It was controversial for a few reasons. First off, as the story goes, the plaque was purchased by several private developers and friends of Dave Munson, they wanted to honor him for getting Phillips to the Falls finished (it only took another 7 years to get something actually built on it, an ugly faceless apartment building with virtually no front footage). The plaque actually hung out in Dave’s office for awhile, then after pressure from his friends, he had it placed without any fanfare. That didn’t sit well with the media, myself, and some councilors and they asked for a review by the Visual Arts Commission. They were to determine whether it was considered ‘art’ because if it was, they would first have to approve the placement. Ultimately, the battle came down to quite a few different scenarios. First off, Dave didn’t get permission from anyone to put up the plaque, he just had it done by the parks department. Others were concerned that not others were honored. Councilor Brown pointed out that many city officials were involved in getting the project done. And who can forget Dave breaking city ordinance by not getting council approval for the 100% cost overrun.

To tell you the truth, I look back on it now, and am glad his face is the only one to the entrance, he concocted this stupid street that is finally seeing development, to the cost of taxpayers in TIF handouts. I started thinking about this incident because of the recent Ethics commission approval of Huether putting his name on the tennis facility, a facility that has received $500K in public funds. Instead of going through a process with a naming rights committee and the city council, the very board that was appointed by Huether said “It’s okay, go for it.”

Wow, a lot of things have changed in 7 years, and a lot remains the same.


Pavilion has low expectations of new VAC director

I found the education requirements of the job posting for the VAC director interesting;

Min Education: BA/BS/Undergraduate

Min Experience: 5-7 Years

I could speculate a couple of reasons why they are not requiring much experience and education;

- Doesn’t pay well

- Already have some insider picked to do the job that has some family connection to the Board (that’s how the current curator got picked, rumor has it).

- Easy to control and manipulate a newbie to the industry.

Whoever does get picked for the job, I feel sorry for them. One person runs the show in that building, and if you disagree with them, you can kiss your ass goodbye. If you don’t believe me, just ask them what happened to the last Development Director. Would love to hear ‘the truthful’ answer.