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Is it time for a graffiti alley in Sioux Falls?

With the recent arrest of a very talented (yet criminal) graffiti artist and the great success of Rapid City’s graffiti alley, is it time to do something similar in Downtown Sioux Falls?

I have often had long discussions with artist friends on how we could do guerilla art projects downtown without damaging property. I did the photos of sculpture walk sculptures with paper bags over their heads. I have also suggested just leaving random pieces of art at places (but that would be considered littering).

I think it is time DTSF explores their own graffiti alley, and I hope to bend the ear of the new DTSF director when he takes over this month about the idea.

The return of $25 Dollar Paintings

FOR SALE, each are $25 + shipping (Free Delivery in Sioux Falls)

ALL have custom frames and are under glass.

‘BLAT’ 6.5 x 8.5″
‘Pussy Takeover’ 7.125 x 7.125″
‘Love is a Bitch in Blue’ 7.25 x 8.25″

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Music Club w/Lydia Loveless & Scott Hudson

YouTube Preview Image

As you know, Scott and I had a short-lived podcast. He is a monster music fan and helped with a Replacements documentary, and now he is assisting with one about Lydia Loveless. They have been filming and he has been posting some fantastic photos of this amazing song writer.

I texted him the other night, “I’m so jealous of you right now!”


20022_10153472564117125_5764458088083582361_n 11137181_10153470721242125_6615641462926959082_n



The return of $25 Dollar Paintings

FOR SALE, each are $25 + shipping (Free Delivery in Sioux Falls)
ALL have custom frames and are under glass.

‘A Rose for Every Occasion’ 6.25 x 8.25″

‘Crater Face’ 7.875 x 7.875″

‘Zoology’ 6 x 8″

‘Make Farts’ 6.375 x 6.375″

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LR-CRATER-FACE-5-15-7.875X7.875LR-ZOOLOGY-5-15-6X8 LR-MAKE-FARTS-5-15-6.375X6.375

Poetry Club w/Charles Luden


Ernie November in the early days (Photo: Charles Luden)

(On  Philosophers)  (On  Zealots)

I have a slight understanding of a few things
but don’t know much
Just put in earplugs when they preach
Charles Luden • 4-16-15 • at Granite City

Blast from the past, my 2003 Arts Night entry

Scott's art night 2003

I think the ‘then’ CEO of Avera bought the piece. I can’t even remember the name of the piece.

Photo Club with Charles Luden


Grain Elevator in Bristol, SD

Where am I?



Daily thought found on FB via Mexico City: Someone somewhere is living your best dream, and another your worst nightmare. In that light, the way you navigate your dreams in your life effects the quality of others dreams.



$25,000 for Sculpture toothbrush cleaning, and zilch for mosaic wall

I don’t think this was a mistake, I believe with all the Downtown development, they kind of want the wall to go away, but a bad way to go about it;

But the maintenance has been sparse since the last segment of artwork was installed in 2009. And time is taking its toll.

Creators of the mosaic believe vibrations caused by the demolition of the nearby River Ramp in 2012 caused many of the tiles to loosen. Ice melt and other chemicals applied to the adjacent road in winter splashes up on the mosaic and contributes to a leaching that is staining the tiles.

“Having that type of wall next to a busy street with our winters just makes it problematic,” said Sue Quanbeck Etten, director of central services for the city.

But chemical splash isn’t the only issue here. The wall sits along a triangular piece of land that the city believes is prime for redevelopment. It’s trying to gauge private interest now in building on that site. Depending on the interest, the city wants to expand the River Greenway to that side of the Big Sioux much the same as has been done next to Cherapa Place and the Hilton Garden Inn on the east side.

No surprise though, like most things public art wise in Sioux Falls they mis-manage funds to support it, and when they do get it right they fail on maintenance. I think the Statue of David jinx us years ago.

Poetry Club with the Ludeness!

Sunbird LoungeLarry  The  Z’s  Mandolin

Still  Evokes  A  Memory

Saw BZ on bass at the Sunbird Lounge last night

Remember you on mandolin at the J&M years ago

So many nights between those events

Nations have born and died

But the power chord and

Slippery mojo workout remain

Charles Luden

                          March 3, 2000

– – – –

Note: Larry the Z is Larry Zierath

BZ is Butch Zierath

– – – –

The above poem is a sequel to one in my first book Virgin Death published in 1977.

The poem is:

Larry  The  Z’s  Mandolin  Evokes  A  Memory

Your mandolin rings my ears

Like an old Gypsy dancer, once.

She came up and pinched me

Since we spoke not so much.

I remember her nervous hand

Which she probably didn’t want.

Charles Luden