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Charles Luden Photo of the Day

Taken in Omaha

Pomp Room Documentary (Early) Trailer

I was one of the patrons that was interviewed, not sure if I will make the final cut, and heck I can’t even remember what story I told, I have so many. I used to have a FREE pass to the place when I started creating the ticket artwork, so I spent most weekends there, met tons of musicians and friends at the place. It was always a blast. Heck, they even used to let me park my bike in the liquor storage room.

Part dive bar and part home, The Pomp Room was the greatest rock and roll club in South Dakota. Filmmakers Austin Kaus and Jesse Yost are currently hard at work to tell the venue’s story with The Pomp Room: The Documentary. When completed, the film will capture the spirit of the legendary South Dakota venue with photos, flyers, and–most importantly–interviews with the bands, employees, and patrons that were there for all of the chaotic beauty that was The Pomp Room. See where Aerosmith played a surprise show, Fugazi got a great dinner recommendation, and Marilyn Manson learned why it’s important NOT to piss off the bouncers. Please enjoy and share this trailer, and follow Facebook.com/PompRoomDoc for updates and anecdotes as the film moves toward completion. Remember the Pomp Room’s motto: IF IT AIN’T LIVE, IT’S DEAD.

Buy art and party for a good cause

Poetry Reading this Saturday @ Monk’s

I went to the last one, and it was fantastic!

TenHaken’s Blue Period

I never realized Paul was such a lover of art until I saw his online AD depicting the world’s greatest artist.

Is Community Theater in Sioux Falls dead?

Well we have heard already that ticket sales are not supporting the entity. They had to eliminate the creative director, and they are looking to raise $100K to save the organization.

But are there other ‘outside’ forces killing community theater?

The scenario I see community theater in is the same one I saw the Sioux Empire Arts Council in a few years ago. The Pavilion infiltrated the board than killed the organization from within.

But this time I speculate SMG and the Pavilion are both involved.

SMG wants to control entertainment for the most part in Sioux Falls. They recently got the contract to do concerts and other events at Canaries Stadium and since they have been running the Orpheum they have been asking for a portion of the Entertainment tax that the Pavilion has been sucking up for themselves ever since the bonds were paid off.

The Pavilion for years has been trying to get all of the community arts programs under their roof, not for the benefit of the community, but mostly for fundraising. I think the Pavilion thinks of any community arts program as a threat to their fundraising.

I’m not sure if SMG and the Pavilion are conspiring on this. Maybe it’s City Hall? But I do know this, true community arts programs are dying in Sioux Falls, and not a slow death but a very FAST one.

A couple of the reasons are that there isn’t enough arts donation money to go around, especially in a community with basically NO middle class or a very stagnant one. We also have a very Republican (conservative) attitude towards the arts that if you can’t make money at it, or it isn’t promoting a product or service in our community, it’s not worth spending money on. SculptureWalk is often promoted as a program to help sell more beer and pizza downtown.

I often encourage people to support your local artists, musicians and promoters. Like small business they are the bread and butter of our cultural community, and once they are gone, we will feel it’s affects.

Is local Sioux Falls arts funding in the toilet?

I have had an idea for awhile that a percentage of the Entertainment tax (3rd penny) should be put towards local arts projects and local artists. Community theatre would be a perfect recipient of these monies;

After 15 seasons, the Sioux Empire Community Theatre is making a plea for donations to stay afloat.

“The reality is, community theatre can no longer survive on ticket sales alone,” board president Kimberly Jacobson and producing artistic director Patrick Pope wrote in a post on Facebook.

Rumor has it that SECT even asked the city to write-off rental debt last year. Not sure if that is true, but if it is that’s not good.

Right now the 3rd penny has been used for building upgrades to the Pavilion after the bonds were paid off. SMG has asked to get some that money also to use towards the Orpheum and Canaries Stadium. I have often argued that since the 3rd penny brings in around $6.5 million a year, they could easily split off $1 million of it to go towards local arts organizations and projects. Besides, it is a local tax we pay, shouldn’t it go towards local projects?

The Pavilion has been in turmoil for a long time, and the multiple terminations at the end of 2017 shows there is a major restructuring going on at the institution. The Sioux Falls Arts Council is also seeing some major changes. This would be a perfect time for the new mayor and city council to take a hard look at how this money is being spent. It’s obvious the money is there, it just needs to be spread out better. The board members of the Pavilion need to be reigned in and shown there are other artistic opportunities in this city that contribute to a more diverse economic impact. Diversifying this funding would help the community as a whole.

You have to realize not everyone is into going to a concert at the Denty or a musical at the Pavilion. People want local artistic options also, let’s give it to them by spending the LOCAL tax on LOCAL arts.

Does the Pavilion need to have the plagiarism talk with Folkerts?

I guess some people never learn. Below Jason brags about plagiarizing Peanuts cartoons and handing them out to kids at the Pavilion. After Schulz died Disney took ownership of the cartoons copyrights. There is nothing wrong with drawing these toons for his own use and pleasure, but using them as marketing for the Pavilion, even if they are not being sold, is a No, No, unless they got consent (which they might have, but I highly doubt it).

But this isn’t Jason’s first rodeo doing this. Schulz never appreciated it when he was alive either.

Jason also took a stab at Star Wars.

I wonder if Jason knows about this handy contact list?

The troubling part is that Jason is doing this while representing the Pavilion as the Visual Arts Director for a city contractor on city property. If Disney gets wind of his plagiarism, a lot of people could be in a lot of hot water besides just Mr. Folkerts.

Jason, we both know you are talented enough to draw your own cartoons, so next time, hand out Folkert’s originals.

Merry Christmas

Charles Luden’s annual Christmas Card that I partner with him and do the artwork.

Pavilion cancels Thursday night Jazz

Now that the 5 year contract has been renewed and the over a million a year in subsidies is coming in it’s time to start the chopping.

While the Thursday night jazz was not free ($5 cover) I felt it was well attended every time I went. I was told that they averaged about 50 people per event. In the bigger perspective, that’s a pretty good crowd for local jazz on a Thursday night.

There are also rumors flowing from the place that the Visual Arts Center will see major changes over the next year. Not sure what they will be, but what I have been hearing isn’t good.

It’s unfortunate that after almost 20 years the Pavilion is actually providing less and less FREE (or affordable) arts events to us common folk, even though the bonds were paid off years ago and the yearly subsidy and remodeling projects have increased by hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Where is the money going?

The Pavilion was built for the upper crust, and it is getting crustier by the day.