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New Exhibit


First Friday Exhibit: Bettie & the Beast


I will be doing a joint show at the ‘Third Eye Gallery’ at Vishnu Bunny Tattoo with artist Nathan Holman, Downtown Sioux Falls for ‘First Friday’ in March. Reception will be March 7th. More deets to come.


New Painting

New Painting (DETAIL)

‘Bettie Symetrical’ 14 x 18″ Canvas wrapped.

I cropped it for obvious reasons.

Mixed media (crayon, spray paint, collage, acrylics)

FOR SALE • Best offer

What does Ironic Johnny Thune-Bag have in common with Bettie Page?

Well besides bondage . . . never thought Thune would EVER be on the same list as Bettie Page;

What Sen. Thune and a pinup model have in common

Was just reading the Wikipedia page for Biola University, the small California institution where Sen. John Thune did his undergraduate studies.

Joining Thune in the “notable alumni” section is 1950s pinup girl Bettie Page, who is blogging artist Scott Ehrisman’s favorite subject.

Also noticed Kermit Staggers, Ehrisman’s favorite politician, is cited as a Wikipedia source on the history of Biola.

So that’s weird.

New Art

‘Black Bettie’ 20 x 30″ – Mixed Media and collage on canvas – FOR SALE

New Painting

‘Presenting Bettie’

(16″ x 20″ – Mixed Media on Canvas) FOR SALE

Not sure who painted the background canvas, probably Terry Bittner (Don’t worry Terry, if I sell any of these, you get a cut :)

I used the dry brush method on this one.

New Painting

‘Bettie Ready?’

Mixed Media on cardboard (Southern Comfort liquor box • 6 x 14″) FOR SALE


New Painting

‘Bettie Nice’

Mixed Media and Watercolor on Canvas (16 x 20″ – Custom Frame) FOR SALE

*Background painting by Terry Bittner (Don’t be mad at me Terry for painting over it :)

More Bettie Art to Ponder

You may or may not know, but I consider myself a ‘Fartist’ not an ‘Artist’ because I goof around with things. I saw a painting a few months ago where the artist shrink wrapped the painting, I took it a step further and double wrapped it and gloss coated it, it’s hard to see in the photo, because of glare, but it turned out pretty cool, IMO. It will be at the Art Collective show on Monday.

‘Bettie Wrap’ 12 x 12″


New Art

Here’s a quick one I knocked out this week. Great Stocking stuffer.

“Just another pretty face, Bettie Page”
Mixed Media on Canvas, custom frame (included) 8 x 10″ (Painting)