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So will the Gargoyle Leader endorse Bill Peterson for Mayor? Probably.

What the Hoover Commission looks like . . . if they had bad haircuts.

After watching their softball interview, I got the feeling that they want him to be mayor. They are soo predictable. I loved it when Bill Peterson bragged about being a history buff and said he would implement his own ‘Hoover Commission’ (just one day after PHD history professor Dr. Kermit Staggers proposed it to the same ED Board). They joked about it, and asked who’s idea it was first. Bill blabbered about something in an attempt to be funny, but you could tell he was caught off guard and not too happy Kermit trumped his ass.

Eat dat! Sucka!

I am begging the AL to endorse Bill. PLEASE! THE KISS OF DEATH – THE ARGUS LEADER ENDORSEMENT. He will be in a battle royal with Vernon for 4th place.

Bill Peterson; Poor choice for Sioux Falls mayor

Meet the Petersons’ and their strange obsession with ‘The Beatles’

Besides the fact that Bill comes across as angry and looks like a Cabbage Patch kid, he really is not qualified to be mayor. Sure, he has ‘some’ political experience in the SD State Legislature, and he did the bidding of his boss, Kirby, and wrote the Home-Rule city charter. And here is where the problem lies with Bill. There are currently at least two lawsuits (possibly three) about the constitutionality of the Home-Rule charter. Is this who we want as mayor? A guy who doesn’t give two-shits about either the US or SD Constitution? I think not.

There are also some other problems I have with Bill, number one, you have money, go get your kids a decent haircut before they pose for a picture with you for your crappy-ass John Deere-Like website, unless of course you are all Beatles fans, in which I would understand, but gives me yet another reason not to vote for you (I think the Beatles are the biggest overrated band of all time). Secondly, stop acting so angry in the forums. Why are you so mad? Pretty soon they will start comparing you to me. Is it because you are polling in last place? Or because your Home-Rule charter is flawed and is crashing in around you? Bill, not only would you make a poor mayor I don’t even think you are qualified to do Jodi Schwan’s job.

Vernon is though.

(Below Video) Another great night at the Peterson household


Bill, you are not Al, you are not a cabbage, you really are not much of anything, except second to last place.

Man who created City Hall dictatorship runs for Mayor


Little did we know yesterday, the very man who created HOME RULE was running for mayor, Bill Peterson. I caught this on KELO right about the time Plantiff commented below;

The man who created the form of city government Sioux Falls operates under says he’ll also run for mayor. Bill Peterson led the initiative to create a full-time mayor position for the city back in 1994. The former state Representative and House Majority leader plans to turn in his official paperwork by the end of the week.

“I think the question we have to ask in Sioux Falls going forward in the next couple of decades is, ‘What sort of city are we? What kind of jobs are we going to have? What kind of amenities and culture are we going to have here?'” Peterson said.

Pretty scary stuff. It’s like creating a Frankenstein to be your butler. He has created a city government that fines it’s citizens without due process, overtaxes us for Rhino barns and raises fees at a inflationary rate of health insurance premiums. Thanks, but no thanks Bill. This guy needs to be rejected early and fast.

I’m also sick of people who work for a low paying employer tell me about how they want to bring ‘jobs’ to Sioux Falls. We know what kind of ‘jobs’ you would bring, Bill. Also, I’m also about fed up with the Quality of Life Projects and amenities jibber jabber. Fix the over $100 million backlog we have on our roads in Sioux Falls first, then we’ll talk monkey crappers and Jr. Football fields.