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Odds & Ends; Sutton the Liberal? Hole in One & the ‘appearance’ of diversity

Just some misc crap that has been piling up;

Billie Sutton is a liberal? LOL!

It seems Pitty knows the difference between liberals and moderates like he knows the difference between frozen and fresh fish;

When the state Democrat organization is controlled by the hard liberal left, it’s going to be hard for Billie Sutton to convince anyone that a Democrat ran State Goverment would be in their best interest.

Part of the problem with the SD Democratic Party is the fact that NO liberals, or heck even moderate progressives exist in the party’s leadership anymore. Sutton has consistently voted with the Republicans on tax increases and other legislation, instead of standing up to them. I would almost classify him as a right leaning moderate, kind of a fake Democrat and certainly not a liberal. Pitty is right about one thing, electing Sutton as Governor wouldn’t be much different then having a Dauguard Part II.

Is Sioux Falls looking for a new golf management company?

For several years (over 20?) Dakota Golf Management has managed our city courses (Elmwood, Kuehn Park and Prairie Green). The contract runs dry or up for renewal next year(?). Great Life has sparked interest in managing the courses, and other management companies have also expressed interest. The city (Parks Department) has also expressed interest in opening up the RFQ process.

While this is all just fine and dandy, with all the fine 6-figure a year wages paid towards management in the parks department, the task of picking a new golf management company was just too hard of a task for Kernal Korn Kearney and crew, they are hiring a private consultant to help them pick the new management company. I guess math is hard for parks people, who knew?

Was the SF Chamber planning a ‘diversity’ council to change the ‘perception’ of how Sioux Falls treats minorities?

Not sure, because it has either been shelved, terminated or put on hold. Apparently, our new Chamber director, Jason Ball, thought it may be a good idea for the Chamber to head up a diversity council. Hey, it IS a good idea! The problem? Rumor has it, it wasn’t created to actually help minorities get a head in the community, it was created to change the ‘perception’ of how minorities are being treated in Sioux Falls. Once some minority leaders in the community found out the Chamber was planning such a council, they offered to help. The problem? They were ‘too’ minority colored for the almost 99% white male council that was picked by Mr. Ball. So before the rainbow colored poo-poo hit the fan, Jason decided to put the project on hold. Good idea, we wouldn’t want the perception about Gingers in community leadership positions to have their reputations tarnished.

Another ‘Sloppy’ announcement from the SD Dems

“There’s a tear in my beer because I’m crying for yah dear, please help run this race . . .”

When I first heard about this on Monday, I thought the announcement of Suzie’s departure and a possible run by Billie so sloppy, I just sat on the news to see if someone heard something different, I guess not;

Jones Pranger didn’t say whose campaign she would be working on, but signaled it would be for state Sen. Billie Sutton, D-Burke. (Sutton has not announced his 2018 plans.) “South Dakota Democrats have many great potential candidates like Senator Billie Sutton who, should they decide to run, would level the playing field for South Dakota’s working class,” Jones Pranger said in an email.

This could have been coordinated better . . . oh, nevermind, forgot who I was talking about. And we’ll all sit around in November of 2018 and wonder how Mike Huether became Governor.

Sutton VS. Huether for governor nomination?


My possible opponent may be good at creating ‘bull’ but I’m good at cleaning it up.

Stormland TV did a story about Mr. Sutton, focusing on the attributes of the state legislator, his disability and his possible run for governor, in which he says;

“You never know,” Sutton said. “You just never know.”

I hope he does run for Governor in 2018. The funny part is when I hear my political friends talk about Sutton, they always say great things, and these are my Republican friends. Trust me, they know he is a player for the Governor’s race and needs to be watched closely.

Bernie Hunhoff also points out another great attribute of Sutton;

 “I think he knows everybody West River,” Hunhoff said. “And obviously, if a Democrat can make some headway West River, he can probably do pretty good in statewide office.”

Something either Mickelson or Huether would struggle with greatly.

So will the Democrats put themselves through another miserable and disappointing primary in 2018 for the governor’s race? More than likely since Daugaard is term limited. The interesting part is to see if the party will divide itself over a Sutton/Huether primary or if they will quietly ask one of them to back down. There is also the factor if Noem decides to run for governor leaving her congressional seat open (I think Huether would run for that seat instead).

But let’s say Sutton & Huether do decide to run against each other in a primary. Besides the fact that Huether will have Sanford & First Premiere in his corner and more money I think a Sutton/Huether matchup will be interesting. Let’s compare the two;

Billie Sutton is an investment consultant banker (handling ‘real’ investments and ‘real’ money for his clients).

Mike Huether calls himself a ‘former banker’ (actually, he was the head salesman for a subprime credit card company, selling debt, not investments).

Billie Sutton is a REAL cowboy and former bronc rider who broke his back and has become disabled from participating in the sport.

Mike Huether ran into a steel fence post while chasing down an out of bounds tennis ball and broke his arm.

Billie Sutton wears a cowboy hat and drives a big truck.

Mike Huether’s hair scares the Hell out of most people, he also drives a truck.

Billie Sutton is a rancher who used to ride broncs.

Mike Huether did a photo op on a bull and collected beer cans as a child.

Billie Sutton and his wife have twins on the way.

Mike Huether has a tennis barn with his name on it.

Billie Sutton is the assistant minority leader of the Democrats in the State Legislature.

Mike Heuther is the chair of the city council meetings and yells at Kermit Staggers quite a bit.

Billie Sutton is a Democrat.

Huether calls himself a Democrat.


At this point, whether Huether decides to run for governor or not, I encourage Sutton to put his hat in the ring.