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Bob Litz, You are ‘ridiculously absurd’

I sorta agree that the councilors and mayor shouldn’t have to feed meters (mind you, when they are on official city business);

The mayor and city councilors may park free in Sioux Falls, thanks to an executive order issued by Mayor Mike Huether.

Officials now can display permits in their car to avoid plugging meters or paying at parking ramps and lots while on city business. It makes city government more efficient, Huether said.

But Bob Litz’s reasoning is a bit silly;

“Other city people have an office. Other city people even get a car. We at the council have to fumble around for quarters. It was kind of one of those digs,” Litz said.

Dismissing the tickets can be a time-consuming process for city employees and city councilors, Huether said.

Litz agrees.

“The whole thing was ridiculously absurd,” he said.

Bob, you are absurd. Who has time for quarters when they are a city councilor? I think we should tear all of the meters out. I don’t have time to fumble around with quarters either.

Bob Litz for County Auditor? Your’e kidding? Right?

A little birdy told me yesterday that Bob filed paperwork to collect petitions to run for Minnehaha county auditor. It will be an open seat in 2010. I believe (?) four Republicans have filed paperwork so far.

First off, I guess Bob would plan to pull a Darren Smith and just bail on his commitment as city councilor if he wins (which he won’t) and secondly, I remarked to someone today, “Does he even know what a county auditor does?”

These guys crack me up.

Bob Litz; You won’t like me when I am angry (and wrong)


Temper, Temper now, Bob;

Litz accused Staggers of “planting” the people in the meeting. Staggers denied the accusation and told Litz that he would have him “personally removed” if he ever made it again.

“If you want me to leave, Mr. Chairman, I’d be happy to,” Litz said. He gathered his papers and walked out.

BAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, because Kermit has that much control over people he can get them to show up to meetings. Kind of sounds like a group of citizens feeling they are getting screwed over, maybe that is why they showed up?

Earlier, Litz accused Staggers of using the meeting to make a “political rant.”

More like challenging the ‘Status Quo’ – What’s wrong with that?

When asked about the issue with Westwick, the city’s zoning enforcement manager declined to talk about it unless it was done in executive session – a meeting closed to the public.

“I’m not at liberty to put it out there and have the jury of public opinion discussed here,” Shawna Goldammer said.

This is the same ‘Shawna Goldhammer’ that was asked if the city could relax regulations a little to speed up the Whittier neighborhood revival and her stern and direct answer was “NO!” This chick won’t budge on shit. I have a feeling if Staggers gets elected she will be unemployed.

The meeting wasn’t entirely about the campground issue. Former Minnehaha County Commissioner Jerry Noonan complained the city is harassing him about a vacant property.

He said the process and staff at City Hall are unfriendly.

“I think I should be treated a little civilized in that particular process,” Noonan said.

I don’t think they are unfriendly – just really f’ing stupid.

Peasants Go Away!

We need metal detectors at Carnegie to protect the councilors from cellphones?

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

Metal Detectors, Bullet Proof desks? Give me a break!

Litz likes the idea of a metal detector, especially after an angry citizen confronted him after a meeting. 

“He was reaching in his coat and it gave me quite a startle a few things raced through my mind. It wound up he was going for his cell phone,” said Litz. 

Bob, can I give you a word of advice? First, drop it – troubling the majority of law abiding citizens and making us pay for this ridiculous security measure is assanine. If a crazy person wants to hurt you, they will find a way.

As for the incident you refer to, it happened outside on the way to your car AFTER the meeting, and he had a CELLPHONE not a gun. I think the quickest way to remedy this would be to have an officer walk you to your car after the meetings. When I worked at the Pavilion, security officers would often walk patrons and volunteers to their cars. It’s okay, I don’t think the other councilors will pick on you about it.

As for metal detectors I think it is just a waste of taxpayers money. Why not change state law so people can’t carry concealed weapons. My thought has always been, if you beleive you have the 2nd amendment right to carry a weapon, then you should carry it revealed in a holster on your hip or not at all. I agree you have the right to carry a weapon, but I also have the right to know who is carrying that weapon.

As for the angry citizen, doesn’t surprise me. It seems you have a lot of people mad at you lately, your voting pattern isn’t helping that BTW. I suggest you call citizens back and discuss with them the issues they may have. I have a feeling a citizen thought they were being ignored. You shouldn’t ignore the people who elect you and pay your wages.

And lastly – if none of those things work, I suggest you resign and spend Monday nights in the safety of your Grange Avenue Mansion. I have a feeling that would make quite a few citizens very, very happy.

What two little birdies told me today

The first little birdy told me that apparently councilor Litz thinks I filed an ethics opinion against him because a certain politician urged me to. Let me make something very clear to Mr. Litz, NO politician or campaign staffer tells me what to do, just ask Martha Vanderlinde’s campaign manager, when I read her the riot act on that very topic. My cartoons would be very ineffective if I was getting writing and editing advice by the very people I was supposed to be making fun of. I took action for the citizens and it was the right thing to do, something Mr. Litz knows very little about.

This same birdy also told me that I wasn’t the only one who filed the opinion, another citizen did to, but they asked to be confidential – wonder who urged them – their conscience perhaps?

Shortly after the first birdy spoke with me, another one came to my window on this fine fall day and told me there is a rumor floating around that Mayor Munson is mentoring Councilor Brown, which made me laugh so hard that I think I blew birdy number 2 off of my window sill.

See, it’s no secret that Vernon is considering running for mayor in 2010 even though when he was running against Stehly he denied that, because his councilor term is not up until 2012. I think if I was running for mayor the last person I would want as my mentor was a big government spender that almost didn’t run for a second term because of a possible ordinance and campaign finance violation. I say go for it Vernon, but I would pick a different mentor, may I suggest Kermit Staggers?