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Whatever happened to Personal Integrity and Ethics?

When you see stuff like this, you really wonder where we went wrong with our local elected officials;

Doug Morrison, who served on the school board for the last nine years, decided not to run for re-election earlier this year, and now he’s gearing up to take on an administrative role with the school district.

About three weeks after his last board meeting at the end of June, Superintendent Brian Maher offered him an administrative position in research and development.

Before making that offer, Maher checked with legal counsel to ensure he wasn’t violating district policies. He said he expected scrutiny for hiring a former board member, but he said Morrison was the best candidate for the job.

Hey Brian, does it really matter if he is ‘breaking policy’ or not? What about the appearance of putting on a gigantic golden parachute and jumping off the roof of the IPC roof? If Morrison, or for that matter, yourself had any ethics or integrity in this matter, you can see why there SHOULD BE SCRUTINY.

What makes this even more troubling is that there were 29 other applicants;

It would have been easy to pick another of the 29 applicants for the job to avoid scrutiny, Maher said, but he saw Morrison as the best candidate.

Are you telling me that there wasn’t even ONE candidate in that pool that couldn’t do the same job as Morrison? NOT A SINGLE ONE? C’MON!

“Doug’s interest in the position did not influence the creation of the position, the job description or the selection,” Maher said.

Keep telling yourself that Brian, if that’s what helps you sleep better at night. The rest of us are very restless about this selection.

*Cory points out that they are already listing Morrison as a school district employee BEFORE the school board has approved that employment.

Sioux Falls School Board done good, but still not happy with how they did it

I attended Democratic Forum today and was pleasantly surprised of the performance of the new Super, Brian Maher. He was the guest speaker today. He is articulate, honest, humble, intelligent, and really quit witted and funny. He shot the crowd straight and answered questions fairly and when he didn’t have an answer told them why. A whole other ball of wax of our past Super, oh, and he came to the snake pit without an entourage.

I have been watching Brian in the media, and so far he has been storming straight ahead, and as he told the crowd today, he cares most about the education of the children above everything else. In other words, we can keep secrets all we want, we can cry about calendar dates or teacher pay, but at the end of the day it is about the kids. I am impressed. The school board picked a great leader (or should I say their consultant did 🙂

While the choice of Super Maher is commendable, I still take issue with how his hiring was handled, in total secrecy. Do I have any doubts that Brian was the best choice, not really, but when we don’t know who else was angling for the job, we may never know. But for now, he fits the bill and I think he will do great things.