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Very Funny Letter to the editor

I wonder if the consumerism drunken Republicans will get it?

‘Twas the morning after Halloween and into Wal-Mart

stumbled three wayward friends who each grabbed a cart.

Hungover and hungry, they came for cheap food.

Yet what they discovered was unexpected, not good.

For what decked the Wal-Mart halls, floor and walls?

But reindeer, Santas, snowmen and green and red balls.

Truly, the friends found this site very queer.

Despite what the calendar said, Christmas was here.

I also liked this part;

I would propose a boycott of these stores that so vehemently exploit Christmas, but I have yet to find a single store that has not.

I guess Sioux Falls isn’t the only city stupid enough to buy private property at a loss

Brookings is doing it now to.

Since when has it been acceptable for Cities to be in the Real Estate business? And losing money to boot. I have said the next mayor of SF needs to hire a full-time realtor (commission only) to sell off all of the city’s unused and unneeded property. And put a freeze on buying any new property until that process is completed.

More taxpayer money wasted on consultants

I have often wondered if I am in the wrong line of business – I think I want to become a consultant in our state.

“We have quite a few communities on board, with commitments so far totaling around $130,000,”

The coalition, which includes representatives from Watertown to Elk Point, hopes to raise $200,000 for its study.

One I-29 community that has committed financial support is Madison, which has pledged $25,000 from the city and the local economic development corporation,

He also is asking the state of South Dakota to contribute $50,000 toward the study.

I do think the study is a worthy cause, but I wonder why it can’t be done by city and state employees or contracted through both of our universites that already get state money. It seems we are quick to hire outsiders all the time.

Fire up the government burn barrel.