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The anti-teabagger group, the Brown Baggers

I found this group interesting, and they have an event tomorrow in Sux Falls;

Brown Bagger Movement Gets Started in South Dakota

When:   Wednesday, March 3 at Noon

Where:  326 East 8th St, Suite 108 (Congressional office of Rep. Herseth-Sandlin


The “Brown baggers” movement, a progressive alternative to the Tea baggers movement, will converge on the Congressional office of Rep. Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin on Wednesday, March 4 at noon, in order to express their frustration at a failed political process that continues to funnel enormous resources into unwise and unwinnable wars while millions of Americans lack adequate health care and jobs.  According to the organization After Ten Downing Street, one of several peace and justice organizations backing the Brown bagger movement,  “Brownbaggers are asking members of the House to publicly commit to voting No on any bills that fund wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Yemen, and to publicly urge their colleagues and the House leadership to make the same commitment. As lesser steps in the same direction, PDA is encouraging congress members to cosponsor HR 2454, calling for an exit strategy from Afghanistan, and HR 3699, prohibiting any increase in the number of U.S. Armed Forces in Afghanistan.”

Background :

“We have to choose between jobs and wars,” said Progressive Democrats of America’s national director Tim Carpenter. “The American people are on one side, but our so-called representatives in Congress are on the other. The Supreme Court is busy increasing corporate control of our elected officials. We need to be busy enforcing the people’s control before it is too late.”

“Without wasteful war and military spending,” said PDA’s deputy director Laura Bonham, “we could have healthcare, jobs, housing, education, retirement security, environmental sustainability, diplomacy and foreign aid. No longer will we take seriously anyone’s claim to support these things while voting to fund more war.

And now let’s move to the Gordon Howie comedy hour (actually only 2:47 minutes of pain). I think he has beat Blake Curdfluffles out on embarrassing youtube moments. Someone needs to get Howie the memo; our gun rights in SD are not being threatened, we are a pro-choice state (you lost two ballot initiatives) and politicians should not dress like morticians when addressing the public.