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After squandering tax dollars on his legacy for 7 years, Munson hands off past due infrastructure spending to the next mayor

Gee, should have saw this coming a mile away from Mr. Predictable, Dave Munson. After throwing money at Phillips to the Falls, Monkey crappers, bunny slopes and consultants for the past seven years, Dave wakes up from his deep sleep and goes, oh, that’s right, we have to spend tax dollars on fixing roads and sewers to;

“It’s something you have to do to make sure you’re repairing and maintaining streets so that they don’t become full of pot holes and chuck holes, and so that people aren’t out there damaging their cars and they are always having to have alignments. We need to be out there taking care of streets and maintaining what we already have,” Sioux Falls Mayor Dave Munson said.

This should be the number one priority expenditure of every mayor, every day of their term, not just in the home stretch. Even Munson admits that’s what he is doing;

“The infrastructure is what keeps us moving forward in the city and we don’t want that to languish behind, and so that we really have to someday play a game of catch up,” Munson said.

Of course we know who the real force is behind the expenditures, special interests;

But its not only the old streets that have to be maintained, 32 million dollars is set aside in the five year plan for expansion of new arterial streets. That expansion includes the Southwest part of town where Sanford plans to build its new research park, and developers plan to build new homes and businesses.

“We all work together but right now our focus is really on public works to make sure that everything is at the stage we want it to be,” Munson said.

You mean work with special interests to make sure they get what they want while the rest of scoop shit from our basements from backed up sewers.