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Found on FB

Old People Suck.

This editorial cartoon was submitted by unknown.

It’s Howdy Dusty Time!

A reader sent me this gem. Not sure where he even found it?

Like the SD GOP has secrets?

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Trump, Dusty, Butina and Erickson

Kentucky Fried Policies

Who is ‘Dakota Posts’?

Not that I really care. Like most conservative editorial cartoonists, he really isn’t that funny. Just how many cartoons can you do about Stace Nelson anyway? I don’t know what their obsession with him is anyway? I have felt Stace has been irrelevant for a very long time.

So ‘HW’ who are you? Or are you afraid Stace is going to bop you over the head?

Opie & Andy are running for Congress (H/T – VSG)

Do unto others?