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Hector Curriel’s 2018 Cartoons

Hector is a local cartoonist and artist who has worked on children’s books, taught in schools through residency art programs and his political cartoons are featured in publications across the US and featured in Hispanic American publications.

Did someone do a cartoon about the SFSD?

I’m not sure how old this is, but it seems some problems will never be solved, even with $300 Million in bond payments.

Sioux Falls Weather Peeps: HUGE FAIL!

I sometimes wonder if our grocery stores are secretly giving money under the table to our local weather peeps? I drove around tonight at 8:30 PM. Thirty-four degrees, streets completely clear and barely a half-inch of snow on my sidewalk. I saw very little traffic. If I was the hospitality industry in SF I would threaten to sue the TV stations for killing weekend business. Stop telling us that it ‘could’ be a blizzard? Your forecasting not only sucks, you are doing a disservice to the retail and hospitality industry in Sioux Falls.

Build the Wall!


Found on FB

Old People Suck.

This editorial cartoon was submitted by unknown.

It’s Howdy Dusty Time!

A reader sent me this gem. Not sure where he even found it?

Like the SD GOP has secrets?

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Trump, Dusty, Butina and Erickson